Great! You made it through the link. As you can see, there are many paths for you to choose from. Off you go now!!



  • Renaisance period English country dancing: I have participated at various Renaisance faires as part of the in the Hyde Park dancers for a couple of years. It's a new experience that has been great fun. If you are interested in giving it a try (attending faires is not a requirement), come and join us.

  • Irish Dancing: Ahhh... This type of dancing takes a little more time to learn than English country dancing but it's worth it! I have been learning Ceili dancing for about a year and am just embarking on the Irish Step Dance adventure.

  • Miscellaneous: I dibble and dabble in other types of dancing such as Lindy Swing, Waltz, Polka, and whatever else I trip over. (grin)


    What began as a cost saving excursion has become a hobby! Physics in action. Isn't it great! Well, minus the newbie cars with all their computer chips. Trust me, working on a newbie can leave a nasty after taste!


    I played the slide trombone for 7 years (junior high/highschool) and for 6 months of that time, I began learning the violin. Many eons later, I have returned to learning the violin and I thoroughly enjoy it! My goal is to be able to play many a Irish Dancing tune. (smile)

    Throughout my life I have tinkered with the slide trombone, violin, harmonica, mouth harp, and many other instruments. What would life be without music?? - I can't even imagine that!




    As I mentioned earlier, we are under a construction warning. Be leary of all spellings of the above words.