Welcome to my home(page)!! Come on inside.

Shew! What a journey, huh? Well, now that you have arrived, let me show you around. Oh yes, it would help if I gave you some time to catch your breath. (Blue isn't always the best color.) Hmmm... this gives me some time to introduce myself. I am called Tina M Hamlin. (Tina for short. Although this name was given to me, I share it with numerous others. I do own the copyright (but not the patent) for my aliases: Nermal, Sabi, and Tia. The story behind these aliases I leave to you to discover/devise.)

I am a recent graduate from San Francisco State University. For those of you who are familiar with me: "I now have a MS in Physics!!!" (sigh)

Ahhh! You seem to have your breath now. Good! Let our adventure into the partially charted known begin. (My unknown is an adventure in and of itself!)

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  • Hobbies & interests
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  • Resume
  • PHYS703 : My homework homepage

    Warning! Warning! My home page is currently under construction. Look out! Are you okay?? Oh good, it only stunned you. Like I said this page is under construction. If you have any suggestions, comments, or simply would like to express an interesting thought, feel free to email me.

    Well, now that you know something about me, please register yourself in my guestbook so that I will remember your visit. (I am known for being forgetful at times! No worries! It's only partially genetic!)