I am mainly interested in the detection of extra-solar planets and statistical studies of extra-solar planetary systems. I'm also interested in stellar and galactic kinematics, variable stars, and exploration of the outer solar system.

I am use three different methods to search for extra-solar planets: microlensing, transits, and radial velocities. Each of these methods are complememtary to each other in terms of the information that they yield regarding planetary systems and their sensitivity to orbital parameter-space.

The microlensing research I have performed has been mostly as a member of the PLANET collaboration. I am PI on a search for exoplanetary transits using the WASP0 instrument and am also a member of the SuperWASP consortium. I also have worked with data from the Exoplanet Tracker which searches for radial velocity signatures of extra-solar planets. I am the PI of TERMS which aims to improve current knowledge of exoplanet orbital parameters to refine transit ephemerides and monitor those stars at predicted transit times.

Shown above is a picture of myself with the Canopus 1.0m telescope which I used extensively for my Ph.D. thesis research.

I also have my curriculum vitae available for download (acrobat PDF format). Here is a link to my publications via NASA ADS.

My programmatic duties at NExScI include support Scientist for the NASA Exoplanet Archive and Project Scientist for the Keck Observatory Archive (KOA). I also run the NExScI Exoplanet Talk Series.