Hobbies: Playing the saxophone, playing squash, reading, spending time with friends and family, writing (fiction & non-fiction), playing board and card games, building stuff with LEGO, hiking, astronomy, movies, and various other geekish activities.

Photos: If you're really keen I have some pictures from my old photo album that you can check out.

A Brief History: I was born in Goulburn, Australia on October 25th, 1973. My family then promptly moved to Tamworth, the Country Music Capital of Australia. I first gained my love for Astronomy in 1985 when my 6th grade class visited a planetarium. Thereafter, I made it my goal to one day become an Astrophysicist (aside from a brief stint when I favoured Palaeontology). After graduating from Tamworth High School in 1991, I moved to Sydney to study Physics & Astronomy at Macquarie University. I graduated with 1st Class Honours in 1995 and then accepted a scholarship from the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, USA where I lived for the next three years.

After much travelling, I moved to Hobart, Australia in September, 1998 to write my Ph.D. thesis at the University of Tasmania. I met Theresa in Hobart and we were married on September 11th, 1999. I completed writing my thesis in May, 2000 and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy was conferred in December, 2000. In April, 2001 I moved to St Andrews, Scotland to begin a Research Fellowship at the University of St Andrews. On 9th April, 2003 Theresa gave birth to our beautiful little girl Saskia Charlotte. In May, 2005 I moved to Gainesville, USA to begin a Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of Florida. On 20th March, 2006 Theresa gave birth to our second daughter, Mackenzie Scarlett. I moved to Pasadena, USA in December, 2007 to join the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute as a Research Scientist.