The Minikin Incarnadine Cowl-Titivated Gamine,

or Little Red Riding Hood


rewhile there existed a jejune hoyden, who had secured the veneration of all, even those who had espied her for merely a singular discrete trice.  Her consanguinities comprehended, among others, an enate predecessor, possessing the prosaic appellation of grandmother, and via the largess of this clement crone, she procured a Lilliputian capote, with a most vermilion capuche, whence her winsome sobriquet, "Little Red Riding Hood", was so engendered.  

One particular chronological interval, the materfamilias impelled her to convey a dosser, replete with alible pabulum and potations, to her matrilineal predecessor, forasmuch as, through her valetudinarian state, the somatic condition of the aforementioned octogenarian was compromised to the point of her being enervated and impuissant.  Ergo, her being was delimited to the supine position.  The vinaceous-bedaubed scion acquiesced extempore, and forthwith embarked on her entrustment.  

  The itinerary of the peregrination was ventured in the most ratiocinative manner via the weald, and the duration of said voyage rarely necessitated the minute indicator of an analog timepiece to sweep an entire one hundred and eighty degree arch. Upon the ingress of this sylvan milieu, the bairn discerned a pileous quadruped  bearing similitude to and being an antecessor of the beloved Canis familiaris.  

    Incognizant of the formidable degree to which this particular hispid miscreant was iniquitous and flagitious, the ingénue intuited not even a modicum of disquietude or trepidation upon this fortuitous happenstance. 

        "Exemplary fulgent segment of the diurnal period," he asseverated.

        "Salutations," came the repartee.  

"Where wend you?" the inimical rapscallion catechized.         

I'm actualizing a brief sojourn at the residence of my anile cognate and am consigning to her savorous viands."

        "May I inquire as to the locus of this purlieu?" 

        "Indubitably. At the terminus of this path, the localization of which is far from onerous."        

        Subsequent to uttering a vocalization of valedictory, the caitiff retroceded into the aphotic boscage.       

Following this compendious confabulation, the dolman- bedecked Adamite absquatulated with the utmost celerity.  The odious knave tarried a trice, cogitating and machinating, thence compassed a Mephistopelian cabal.  Being a denizen of this arboreal pale, he was cognizant of a deoppilated route to the aforecited domicile, whereas the quiddity of the trajectory elected by the soubrette was forsooth, though facile, labyrinthine.  

Hence the crinite reprobate arrived at the grisard's habitacle ere the callow perigrinator and rapped at the portal. 

        "Who fustigates the janua with such formidability?!" the residentiary suspired tremulously.

        "Your consanguinean," the dissembling varlet prevaricated.

        "Thence, convey your entity into this abode, for I am effete and encouched due to my decumbiture."      

The predacious malfeasant irrupted and proceeded to ingurgitate the hoary dowager.  The abominable scalawag donned the ultrafidian annuitant's nocturnal habiliments, which included a voluminous tuque, and ensconced himself in the Ogygian mackabroin’s somnifery.  
 Anon, the guileless juvencle divulgated her arrival.  Apprehending her presence extrinsic to the edifice, the pernicious reprobate enjoined her to transpose her corporeity to within the confines of the plebeian bower.  Upon ingression, the affrighted chit skirled, "enigmatical predecessor, what brobdignagian auditory apparati protuberate from your poll!"  "For effective auscultation of your parlance, my cosset," the palterer elucidated.  

         "Anomalastic primogenitor, what prodigious ocular orbs goggle from your physiognomy," she averred.

        "The more efficient to descry your homuncular form with punctilious exactitude, my minion," he enucleated.

        "Sphingine antecedent, what cyclopean extremities you possess," she opined.

        "To embosom you adroitly, my progeny," he explicated.

        "Theriantropic harridan, what elephantine denticles permeate your oral orifice," the brephic numquid adduced.       

        "The more efficacious to gourmondize your sapid corporeal substantiality, my gobbet," he vociferated, and with an expeditious gambado the maleficent dastard manducated the woebegone tellurian.  Surfeited, the scelerate picaro summarily dossed.  

        Propitiously, a beneficent  nimrod was perambulating vicinally, and perceived the imbroglio.  Carked, the perspicacious paladin transpierced the chaumière and perused the corpulent, oscitant pariah.  Conning the exigency of the conjuncture with sapient perspicuity, the intrepid factotum erepted his allagrugous poniard, anatomized the execrable varlet, and disenthralled the felicitous duo, then the adjutorious stalwart jugulated the inimical malefactor.  Thereupon, the three beamish symposiasts roistered, banqueting on the plethora of the toothsome provender.     

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