The Basilic Paludal Denizen, or, The Frog Prince

        A particular antediluvian chronological period agone there resided in a portentous sovereignty (an imperious potentate) with three pulchritudinous muliebral scions. Notwithstanding  this verity, the most puerile possessed nonpareil comeliness. Forsooth, even the luminary orb, denizen of  the firmament, when reconnoitering  the multifarious terrene topography and subsequently illumining her effulgent lineaments, was replete with stupefaction.

        Vicinal to the palatial palladium prevailed a prodigious, tenebrous bosk, which subsumed an autochthonal quercus rubra. Subjacent to said arborescent monad was oriented an archaical fount within a capacious crevasse. When  the  torridity of  the welkin transcended a brookable gradation, the rapturous bantling would posit her sudoriferous anima incarnate on the skirt of the aforementioned aqueous interstice, forasmuch as within its compass the ambiance was quite algid and halcyonic. While in these benignant environs, the insouciant soubrette would  trifle with an auriferous conglobation, flirting and glomming said substantiality with galvanic delectation. One discretive temporal juncture the sportive minx, temerarious in her jocosity, neglected to commandeer her fulgurant gimcrack, and so the xanthous globoid trundled into the Cimmerian abysm with a stentorian swash.


    Apace  the beamish mien of the moppet volatized and she commenced puling frenetically.     As she caterwauled, an aerial elocutionist queried for the explication of her lugubriousness. Scrutating the matrix of the enigmatical sonant, she descried a rana catesbeiana perusing her sedulously.

        The funereal hominid particularized her conundrum, her lachrymation unabated.

        Desist your jeremiad,” enjoined the limicolous heldentenor. “I cognize your dolor. If I succor you, and retrieve your clinquant gewgaw and render it to you, how do you contrive to indemnify my laborious application?”

        “For your largess I will confer on you relucent bijouterie, virtu, and raiments, and if it is your desideratum, my tiara replete with chrysoprase, carnelian, heliotrope and sard, forsooth, all manner of chalcedony.”

        “Your appanage does not ensorcell me,” the quaggy helot declaimed. “Albeit, plight that I will be your frater and repose in propinquity to your personage at your teapoy and gormandize aliments from your porringer and quaff from your kylix and loiter on your paillasse, then I will recoup your inimitable spheroid.”

        Certes, I depone,” she averred, synchronously cerebrating that the impetration of this amphibious habitant of the paludal bourn was merely fatuous hyperbole.

        Sequatious to this parole, the miry acolyte procured the pro tempore demersal stramineous spherule betwixt maxilla and mandible, and posited said fulverous kickshaw upon the sward. The heretofore saturnine repiner became both blithesome and jocund upon the recovery of her gambogian bagatelle, and forthwith careered away.

        Abide!” squalled the plashy mensch. “Bear  my entity, for imputable to my minikin lower extremities, I cannot hie!”

        The incoginant urchin pretermitted his perfervid petition, and regressed to her opulent howff.

        Ensuing a singular circadian interval, whilst the inadvertent nymph, squired by the paterfamilias (the august nabob), fared, the unanticipative dyad apprehended an iterative babel, and the clarion behest: “most juvenescent scion of the basilic potentate, allow me ingress!”


When the beauteous commensal discerned her amphibiotic votary, she posthaste obturated the triclinium’s adit, and scuttled to her cathedra, etiolated from fray. The pansophic exemplar animadverted her astonied disquietude, and queried, “what straits betide? Peradventure a pernicious manticore, a nocuous wivern, a miasmic basilisk, or a pestiferous anthropophagus darkles in the vicinage?”

        Nowise, not a nefarious behemoth, but a viridescent, saurian vexation.”

        “What are this miry waif’s importunities?”

        “Imperious nestor, the quondam vesper my prodigious sphery bauble trolled into the caliginous wellspring. I ululated with inordinate paroxysms of angor and ruth, and this noisome bane retrieved it. He impelled me to troth that I would be his compeer, but I hypothecated this importunity to be mere persiflage.

        After much excogitation, the didactic ombudsman adjured the querulous nidderling to effectuate her accordance and spring the postern. The choleric recusant temporized until the despotic martinet charged her to acquiesce. Sequently the plashy gadfly curveted in and coursed the doleful vestal to her squab.

        Hoist me and locate me in proximity to your personage,” the indefatigable varlet impetrated.

        The daunted hoyden acceded with much animus and disapprobation.

        “Place your charger contiguous to me, so we may gorge ourselves conjointly, he impetrated.


        The recalcitrant and oppugnant thrall was, nevertheless, morigerous.

        The vexatious epicurean ingested copious esculent canapés, yet the renitent bonnibel abstained.

        When the invidious sybarite was cloyed, he proclaimed: “My oscitancy obliges me to be billeted. Transport my materiality to your sanctum,” he obtested.

        The splenetic helot commenced lamenting, for she execrated the tactile manipulation of the mucilaginous cormorant; howbeit the hortative mogul enjoined her, and so she conveyed the anathematic hyle to her cloister.


        Subsequently the pinguid arrivist dunned an osculation from the restive wench, who, after quashing her fathomable odium and with prodigious trepidation, thrust her orificular labia onto his mephitic integument. Fraught with wroth, she thereupon jaculated the hectoring execration against the partition. Expeditiously, the ignominious roué transmuted into an urbane patrician. The punctilious raconteur proceeded to delineate his calamitous chronicle to the agog peri. The stalwart paladin explicated that an iniquitous thaumaturgist conjured a sinistrous necromancy to befall him, eventuating in his transmogrification, and her orificial caress was the manumitting agent. The enraptured damsel swooned, and she and her vernal swain were forthwith affianced and espoused, and following this confarreation the twain existed evermore in  felicity and Elysium.

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Basilic Kingly, royal

Paludal Of or relating to a swamp; marshy

denizen An inhabitant; a resident

antediluvian Extremely old and antiquate

chronological Relating to or in accordance with chronology.

chronology The science that deals with the determination of dates and the sequence of events.

period An interval of time characterized by the occurrence of a certain condition, event, or phenomenon

agone Gone by; past.

reside To live in a place permanently or for an extended period

portentous Of the nature of or constituting a portent; foreboding Full of unspecifiable significance; exciting wonder and awe Marked by pompousness; pretentiously weighty.

Sovereignty A territory existing as an independent stat

imperious Arrogantly domineering or overbearing

potentate One who has the power and position to rule over others; a monarch

pulchritudinous Characterized by or having great physical beauty and appeal.

muliebrity The state of being a woman Femininity.  

scion A descendant or an heir.

notwithstanding In spite of All the same; nevertheless In spite of the fact that; although

verity The quality or condition of being true, factual, or real. Something, such as a statement, principle, or belief, that is true, especially an enduring truth

puerile Belonging to childhood; juvenile

nonpareil Having no equal; peerless

comely Pleasing and wholesome in appearance; attractive

forsooth In truth; indeed

luminary An object, such as a celestial body, that gives light.

orb A celestial body, such as the sun or moo

denizen An inhabitant; a resident

firmament The vault or expanse of the heavens; the sky.

reconnoiter To make a preliminary inspection of, especially in order to gather military information To make a reconnaissance

reconnaissance An inspection or exploration of an area, especially one made to gather military information

multifarious Having great variety; divers

terrene Of or relating to Earth; earthly.

topography Detailed, precise description of a place or region. The surveying of the features of a place or region.

subsequent Following in time or order; succeeding

illume To illuminate

effulgent Shining brilliantly; resplendent.

lineament A definitive or characteristic feature

replete Abundantly supplied; abounding

stupefaction Great astonishment or consternation

vicinal Of, belonging to, or restricted to a limited area or neighborhood; local.

palatial Of the nature of a palace, as in spaciousness or ornateness

palladium anything believed to provide protection or safety; safeguard

prevail To be most common or frequent; be predominant

prodigious Extraordinary; marvelous

tenebrous Dark and gloomy.

bosk A small wooded are

subsume To classify, include, or incorporate in a more comprehensive category or under a general principle

autochthonous Originating where found; indigenous.

quercus rubra red oak

subjacent Located beneath or below; underlying

arborescent Having the size, form, or characteristics of a tree; treelike

monad An indivisible, impenetrable unit of substance viewed as the basic constituent element of physical reality in the metaphysics of Leibnitz

orient   To align or position with respect to a point or system of reference

archaic Of, relating to, or characteristic of a much earlier, often more primitive period

fount A fountain

capacious Capable of containing a large quantity; spacious or roomy.

crevasse A deep fissure, as in a glacier; a chasm.

torrid Parched with the heat of the sun; intensely hot. torridity

welkin The vault of heaven; the sky.

transcend To pass beyond the limits of

brook To put up with; tolerate

gradation A series of gradual, successive stages; a systematic progression A degree or stage in such a progression

rapturous Filled with great joy or rapture; ecstatic

bantling A young child

posit To place firmly in position

sudoriferous Producing or secreting sweat

anima The inner self of an individual; the soul.

incarnate Invested with bodily nature and form

skirt An outer edge; a border or margin

aforementioned Mentioned previously.

aqueous Relating to, similar to, containing, or dissolved in water; watery.

interstice A space, especially a small or narrow one, between things or parts

forasmuch as Inasmuch as; since

compass A restricted space or area

ambiance The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment

algid Cold; chilly.

halcyon Calm and peaceful; tranquil.

benignant Favorable; beneficial.

environs Surroundings; environment.

insouciant Marked by blithe unconcern; nonchalant.

soubrette A young woman regarded as flirtatious or frivolous.

trifle To play or toy with something

auriferous Containing gold; gold-bearing

conglobate To form into a globe or ball. conglobation

flirt To toss or flip suddenly.

glom To steal. To seize; grab

substantial Of, relating to, or having substance; material.

galvanic stimulating; energizing

delectation Delight.

discretive serving to distinguish or discriminate; distinctive

temporal Of, relating to, or limited by time

juncture A point in time, especially a critical point.

sportive Playful; frolicsome

minx A girl or young woman who is considered pert, flirtatious, or impudent.

temerarious Presumptuously or recklessly daring

jocose Given to joking; merry. jocosity

commandeer To force into military service To seize for military use; confiscate To take arbitrarily or by force

fulgurant Flashing like lightning; dazzlingly bright.

gimcrack A cheap and showy object of little or no use; a gewgaw.

xanthous Color Yellow.

globoid A globe-shaped object.

trundle To move along by or as if by rolling or spinning

Cimmerian Very dark or gloomy.

abysm An abyss.

stentorian Extremely loud

swash A splash of water or other liquid hitting a solid surface The sound of such a splash

apace At a rapid pace; swiftly.

beamish Smiling, as with happiness or optimism.

mien Bearing or manner, especially as it reveals an inner state of mind

moppet A young child

volatize to become volatile; to evaporate

commence To begin; start.

pule To whine; whimper.

frenetic Wildly excited or active; frantic; frenzied

caterwaul To make a shrill, discordant sound

aerial Of, in, or caused by the air.

elocution The art of public speaking in which gesture, vocal production, and delivery are emphasize elocutionist

query To put a question to (a person).

explicate To make clear the meaning of; explain

lugubrious Mournful, dismal, or gloomy, especially to an exaggerated or ludicrous degree lugubriousness

scrutate rare to search out, to investigate

matrix A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained

enigmatic or enigmatical Of or resembling an enigma; puzzling

sonant a voiced sound 

descry To catch sight of (something difficult to discern).

rana catesbeiana bullfrog

peruse To read or examine, typically with great car

sedulous Persevering and constant in effort

funereal Appropriate for or suggestive of a funeral; mournful

hominid A primate of the family Hominidae, of which Homo sapiens is the only extant species.

Particularize To go into or give details or particulars.

conundrum A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma

lacrimation also lachrymation Secretion of tears, especially in excess.

abate To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen

desist To cease doing something; forbear.

jeremiad a prolonged lamentation or mournful complaint

enjoin To direct or impose with authority and emphasis

limicolous Living in mud

heldentenor Music A tenor voice with a striking dramatic or brilliant quality that is well suited for heroic roles, such as those in Wagnerian opera A person with such a voice

cognize to perceive; become conscious of, know

dolor Sorrow; grief

succor To give assistance to in time of want, difficulty, or distress.

clinquant Glittering with gold or tinsel.

gewgaw A decorative trinket; a bauble

render to give back, restore

contrive To plan with cleverness or ingenuity; devise

indemnify To make compensation to for damage, loss, or injury suffered

laborious Marked by or requiring long, hard work

application The act of putting something to a special use or purpose . A specific use to which something is put

largess also largesse Generosity of spirit or attitude

confer To bestow (an honor, for example)

relucent Reflecting light; shining

bijouterie A collection of trinkets or jewelry.

virtu . excellence or merit in objects of art, curios, and the like (used with plural v.) such objects or articles collectively

raiment Clothing; garments.

desideratum Something considered necessary or highly desirable

tiara An ornamental, often jeweled, crown like semicircle worn on the head by women on formal occasions.

chrysoprase An apple-green chalcedony used as a gemstone

carnelian A pale to deep red or reddish-brown variety of clear chalcedony, used in jewelry.

heliotrope See bloodstone

bloodstone A variety of deep-green chalcedony flecked with red jasper. Also Called heliotrope .

sard A clear or translucent, deep orange-red to brownish-red variety of chalcedony.

chalcedony A translucent to transparent milky or grayish quartz with distinctive microscopic crystals arranged in slender fibers in parallel bands.

appanage A source of revenue, such as land, given by a sovereign for the maintenance of a member of the ruling family.

ensorcell to bewitch

quaggy Resembling a marsh; soggy.

helot A person in servitude; a ser

declaim To deliver a formal recitation, especially as an exercise in rhetoric or elocution

albeit Even though; although; notwithstanding

plight To give or pledge (one's word or oath, for example).

frater a brother, as in a religious or fraternal order; comrade

repose To rest or relax (oneself).

propinquity Proximity; nearness.

personage A person of distinction

teapoy A small table for holding a tea service

gormandize To eat gluttonously; gorge

aliment Something that nourishes; food Something that supports or sustains.

porringer a low dish or cup, often with a handle, from which soup, porridge, or the like is eaten

quaff To drink a liquid heartily  

kylix a cup in the shape of a shallow bowl having two horizontal handles projecting from the sides, used as a drinking vessel

loiter To stand idly about; linger aimlessly.

paillasse A thin mattress filled with straw or sawdust.

Recoup to regain or recover.

inimitable Defying imitation; matchless.

spheroid A body that is shaped like a sphere but is not perfectly round, especially an ellipsoid that is generated by revolving an ellipse around one of its axes.

certes Certainly; truly.

depone Law To testify or declare under oath

aver To affirm positively; declare

synchronous Occurring or existing at the same time

cerebrate To use the power of reason; think.

impetrate to entreat, ask for earnestly, impetration, n

amphibious Biology Living or able to live both on land and in water.

habitant An inhabitant.

paludal Of or relating to a swamp; marshy.

bourn realm; domain

merely And nothing else or more; only

fatuous Delusive; unreal

hyperbole A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton

sequatious following with smooth or logical regularity

parole Word of honor, especially that of a prisoner of war who is granted freedom only after promising to lay down arms.

miry Full of or resembling mire; swampy.

acolyte A devoted follower or attendant.

procure To get by special effort; obtain or acquire

pro tempore For the time being; temporarily.

demersal Dwelling at or near the bottom of a body of water

spherule A miniature sphere; a globule

betwixt Between

maxilla a jaw or jawbone, esp. the upper

mandible The lower jaw of a vertebrate animal.  

fulverous tawny; dull yellowish-gray or yellowish brown

kickshaw A trinket; a gewgaw.

Sward Land covered with grassy turf A lawn or meadow.

heretofore Up to the present time; before this; previously.

saturnine Melancholy or sullen

repine To be discontented or low in spirits; complain or fret. repiner n

blithesome Cheerful; merry.

jocund Sprightly and lighthearted in disposition, character, or quality.

gambogian yellow or yellow orange

bagatelle An unimportant or insignificant thing; a trifle

forthwith At once; immediately. 

career To move or run at full speed; ruse

abide To remain in a place

squall A loud, harsh cry. To scream or cry loudly and harshly.

plashy marshy, wet

mensch A person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose

bear To carry on one's person; convey.

entity Something that exists as a particular and discrete unit

imputable Possible to impute or ascribe; attributable

minikin delicate, dainty, or mincing

extremity A bodily limb or appendage

Hie To go quickly; haste

incoginant thoughtless; inconsiderate

urchin A playful or mischievous youngster; a scamp.

pretermit To disregard intentionally or allow to pass unnoticed or unmentioned

perfervid Extremely or extravagantly eager; impassioned or zealous.

petition A solemn supplication or request to a superior authority; an entreaty.

regress To go back; move backward

opulent Characterized by rich abundance; luxuriant.

howff an abode; a familiar shelter or resort

ensue To take place subsequently.

singular Being only one; individual.

circadian Relating to or exhibiting approximately 24-hour periodicity.

interval The amount of time between two specified instants, events, or states.

Whilst While

inadvertent Not duly attentive

nymph A girl, especially a beautiful on

Squire To attend as a squire; escort.

paterfamilias A man who is the head of a household or the father of a family.

august Venerable for reasons of age or high rank.

nabob A person of wealth and prominence

fare to eat, dine

anticipative Expectant. unanticipative

dyad Two individuals or units regarded as a pair  

apprehend to percieve

iterative Characterized by or involving repetition, recurrence, reiteration, or repetitiousness.

Babel A confusion of sounds or voices.

clarion Loud and clear

behest An urgent request

juvenescent Becoming young or youthful.  

ingress Right or permission to enter.

beauteous Beautiful, especially to the sight.

commensal a companion at table

discern To perceive with the eyes or intellect; detect.

amphibiotic Living in water during an early stage of development and on land during the adult stag

votary A person who is fervently devoted, as to a leader or an ideal; a faithful follower.

posthaste with the greatest possible speed or promptness

obturate To close or obstruct.

triclinium A couch facing three sides of a rectangular table, used by the ancient Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans for reclining at meals. A room containing such a couch or couches; a dining room.

adit an entrance or passage

scuttle To run or move with short hurried movements; scurry.

cathedra The official chair of an office or position, as of a professor.

etiolate To cause to appear pale and sickly

fray fright

pansophic pansophy universal wisdom or knowledge

exemplar One that is worthy of imitation; a model.

animadvert v. t. obsolete to take cognizance or notice of

astonied Being in a bewildered state; daze

disquietude Worried unease; anxiety

strait A position of difficulty, perplexity, distress, or nee Often used in the plural

betide To take place; befall.

peradventure Perhaps; perchance

pernicious Tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly

Manticore A legendary monster having the head of a man, the body of a lion, and the tail of a dragon or scorpio

nocuous Harmful; noxious.

wyvern A two-legged dragon having wings and a barbed tail.

miasma A noxious atmosphere or influence miasmic

basilisk A legendary serpent or dragon with lethal breath and glance

pestiferous Morally evil or deadly; pernicious.

anthropophagus An eater of human flesh; a cannibal.

darkle to lie in the dark, conceal oneself

vicinage A limited region around a particular area; a vicinity.

nowise In no way, manner, or degree; not at all.

nefarious Infamous by way of being extremely wicked

behemoth Something enormous in size or power.

viridescent Green or slightly green

saurian resembling a lizard

vexation The act of annoying, irritating, or vexing The quality or condition of being vexed; annoyance A source of irritation or annoyance

waif An abandoned young animal.

Nestor A venerable and wise old ma

quondam That once was; former

vesper Evening

prodigious Extraordinary; marvelous

sphery Resembling a celestial body.

bauble A small, showy ornament of little value; a trinket.

Troll To roll or spin around

caliginous Dark, misty, and gloomy.

wellspring The source of a stream or spring

ululate To howl, wail, or lament loudly.

inordinate Exceeding reasonable limits; immoderate

paroxysm A sudden outburst of emotion or action

angor Me extreme distress or mental anguish, usually of physical origin

ruth Sorrow or misery about one's own misdeeds or flaws.

noisome Offensive to the point of arousing disgust; foul

bane A cause of death, destruction, or ruin

impel To urge to action through moral pressure; drive

Troth To pledge or betroth

compeer A comrade, companion, or associate

hypothecate hypothesize

importunity An importunate request; an insistent or pressing demand

persiflage Light good-natured talk; banter

excogitate To consider or think (something) out carefully and thoroughly

didactic Inclined to teach or moralize excessively

ombudsman A man who investigates complaints, reports findings, and mediates fair settlements, especially between aggrieved parties such as consumers or students and an institution, an organization, or a company

adjure To command or enjoin solemnly, as under oath

querulous Given to complaining; peevish

nidderling a base coward or wretch

effectuate To bring about; effect

accordance Agreement; conformity  

spring to be released from a constrained position

postern A small rear gate, especially one in a fort or castle

choleric Easily angered; bad-tempered

recusant a person who is recusant recusant obstinate in refusal

temporize To act evasively in order to gain time, avoid argument, or postpone a decision

despot A ruler with absolute power despotic

martinet A rigid military disciplinarian

charge To instruct or urge authoritatively; command

acquiesce To consent or comply passively or without protest

sequent following; successive sequently, adv

gadfly A persistent, irritating critic; a nuisance

curvet To leap in a curvet. To prance; frolic

Course to chase, pursue

doleful Filled with or expressing grief; mournful

vestal A woman who is a virgin

squab A soft, thick cushion, as for a couch

hoist To raise or haul up with or as if with the help of a mechanical apparatus

locate To place at a certain location; station or situate

proximity The state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next; closeness

indefatigable Incapable or seemingly incapable of being fatigued; tireless

varlet A rascal; a knave

impetrate go entreat; ask for

daunt To abate the courage of; discourage

hoyden A high-spirited, boisterous, or saucy girl

accede To give one's consent, often at the insistence of another; concede

animus A feeling of animosity; ill will

disapprobation Moral disapproval; condemnation

charger A large shallow dish; a platter

contiguous Neighboring; adjacent

gorge To stuff with food; glut

conjoint Joined together; combined

recalcitrant Marked by stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority or guidance

oppugnant opposing; antagonistic; contrary

thrall One who is intellectually or morally enslave

morigerous obedient, compliant, submissive

vexatious Causing or creating vexation; annoying

epicurean Devoted to the pursuit of pleasure; fond of good food, comfort, and ease

ingest To take into the body by the mouth for digestion or absorption

copious Large in quantity; abundant

esculent Suitable for eating; edible

canapé a thin piece of bread or toast or a cracker spread or topped with cheese, caviar, anchovies, or other savory food

renitent Reluctant to yield or be swayed; recalcitrant

bonnibel Fair maid; bonny lass

abstain To refrain from something by one's own choice

invidious Tending to rouse ill will, animosity, or resentment

Sybarite A person devoted to pleasure and luxury; a voluptuary

cloy To cause to feel surfeited

proclaim To indicate conspicuously; make plain

oscitancy The state of being drowsy or inattentive; dullness

oblige to make (an action, policy, et ) necessary or obligatory

billet to provide lodging for: quarter

transport To carry from one place to another; convey

materiality Physical substance; matter

sanctum A private place where one is free from intrusion

obtest To supplicate; entreat

splenetic Affected or marked by ill humor or irritability

commence To begin; start

lament To grieve audibly; wail

execrate To feel loathing for; abhor

tactile Perceptible to the sense of touch; tangible

manipulation The act or practice of manipulating

mucilaginous Resembling mucilage; moist and sticky

cormorant A greedy, rapacious person

howbeit Be that as it may; nevertheless

hortatory Marked by exhortation or strong urging

Mogul A very rich or powerful person; a magnate

enjoin To direct or impose with authority and emphasis

convey To take or carry from one place to another; transport

anathematic or anathematical loathsome; disgusting; hateful

hyle matter, substance; first matter of the universe

cloister A secluded, quiet place

pinguid Fat; oily

arriviste An unscrupulous, vulgar social climber; a bounder

dun to make repeated and insistent demands upon, esp. for the payment of a debt

osculation A kiss

restive Uneasily impatient under restriction, opposition, criticism, or delay

wench A young woman or girl, especially a peasant girl

quash To put down or suppress forcibly and completely

fathom To penetrate to the meaning or nature of; comprehend

odium Strong dislike, contempt, or aversion

trepidation A state of alarm or dread; apprehension An involuntary trembling or quivering

orifice An opening, especially to a cavity or passage of the body; a mouth or vent orificial

labium pl. labia a lip or liplike part

mephitic Of, relating to, or resembling mephitis; poisonous or foul-smelling

integument A natural outer covering or coat, such as the skin of an animal or the membrane enclosing an organ 

fraught full of

wroth Wrathful; angry

thereupon Concerning that matter; upon that Directly following that; forthwith In consequence of that; therefore

jaculate to throw or hurl (a dart, javelin, et )

hector To intimidate or dominate in a blustering way

execration Something that is cursed or loathe

partition Something that divides or separates, as a wall dividing one room or cubicle from another

expeditious Acting or done with speed and efficiency expeditiously

ignominious Deserving disgrace or shame; despicable

roué A lecherous, dissipated man

transmutation The act or an instance of transmuting; transformation

urbane Polite, refined, and often elegant in manner

patrician A member of an aristocracy; an aristocrat

punctilious Strictly attentive to minute details of form in action or conduct

raconteur One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit

delineate To depict in words or gestures; describe

calamitous Causing or involving calamity; disastrous

chronicle A detailed narrative record or report

agog Full of keen anticipation or excitement; eager

peri any lovely, graceful person

stalwart Having or marked by imposing physical strength Firm and resolute; stout

paladin A paragon of chivalry; a heroic champion

explicate To make clear the meaning of; explain

iniquitous Characterized by iniquity; wicked

thaumaturge also thaumaturgist A performer of miracles or magic feats

Conjure To summon (a devil or spirit) by magical or supernatural power To influence or effect by or as if by magic

sinistrous Sinister; ill-omened

necromancy Black magic; sorcery

Befall To come to pass; happen, To happen to

eventuate To result ultimately

transmogrify To change into a different shape or form, especially one that is fantastic or bizarre

orifice An opening, especially to a cavity or passage of the body; a mouth or vent orificial

manumit To free from slavery or bondage; emancipate

agent A force or substance that causes a change

enrapture To fill with rapture or delight

damsel A young woman or girl; a maiden    

swoon  to enter a state of hysterical rapture or ecstasy

vernal Of, relating to, or occurring in the spring Characteristic of or resembling spring Fresh and young; youthful

swain A beau

affiance To bind in a pledge of marriage; betroth

espouse To take in marriage; marry

Confarreation the highest form of marriage, marked by the offering of a cake made of spelt

twain Two

felicity Great happiness; bliss

Elysium A place or condition of ideal happiness

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