The Elves and the Shoemaker


    Aforetime there prevailed a rustic crispin to whom, despite punctilious  providence, impecuniosity befell, which eventuated in the necessitous artificer possessing precisely enow mocha to fabricate a solitary binary of brogues. Wielding his templet, he cleaved the constituents of the bluchers he weened to fell the subsequent ante meridiem.  Thereupon the amiable wright obtested benignities from the  beatified potentate of the empyrean, and reposed. 

       The following matinal period the operose moiler cognized a brace of consummate mules posited upon the trestle.  The penurious pauper was exceedingly discombobulated; noesis was beyond his faculty.  He canvassed the unwonted donative exactingly.  The virtuosity of the opus was the nec plus ultra.


       Erelong an emptor penetrated the bothy, was ensorcelled by the magnific chef d’ouvre, and proffered  the huckster binal remuneration. Thence the pacifical chandler possessed sufficient lucre to acquire cordovan for twain couplets of balmorals. Sequently, when the crepuscule befell, the amicable proletarian prepared his coriaceous matter.  At aurora, the habile cobbler intended to travail, natheless a quadruplet of chopines awaited, more prodigious than the quondam.  This  consuetude persisted, until the propitious artisan and his leal helpmeet became forehanded and blithesome. 

       One particular eventide, his affable consort submitted that they abide Argus-eyed during the extent of the tenebrosity an explication of the eleemosynary incidents.  They ensconced themselves behind a counterpane and remained with quiescence until, meteorically, two bantam homunculi entered via the fenestration to commence their arduous nisus.  They moiled with alacrity and expedition, and, when the paragonless sabots were effectuated, they decamped apace. 

       The credent duo were astonied.  The dulcet doyenne enounced: “our penury has abated due to these beneficent spalpeens and our fecundity is portentous.  We must requite their oblations.  The adjuvant gossoons are appareled in an exiguity of vestments, the diminutive kobolds must be gelid.  I will fabricate for them natty trews, atomic calottes, and minikin redingotes, and you can suture nanoid buskins.”

       The parvenue agnized the sapience of this surmise.  By the gloaming the benefaction was realized.  They laid out the perse breeks, fuscous reefers, nigrescent zucchettos and diminutive leathern mukluks, then lurked in the caliginousness.  Anon, the availing imps assembled.  The solicitous ouphes descried the meritorious regalia and togged themselves blithely and posthaste in the beauteous apparel.  They capered and curvetted, warbling with exultation, then defenestrated their corporeities.


       Never anew did the flush dyad encounter the felicitous sprites.  Howbeit, their amalgamate actuality was both propitious and auspicious henceforth.  

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aforetime At a former or past time; previously.

prevail to appear or occur as the more important or frequent feature or element, predominate

rustic  Marked by a lack of sophistication or elegance.

crispin  a shoemaker 

punctilious   Precise; scrupulous.

providence   Prudent management; economy.

impecunious Lacking money; penniless. impecuniosity  n.  

befall  To come to pass; happen.  

eventuate  to be the issue or outcome; come about

necessitous  Needy; indigent.

artificer  A skilled worker; a craftsperson.

enow  Enough.

mocha  A soft, thin, suede-finished glove leather usually made from sheepskin.

fabricate   To make; create.

solitary Happening, done, or made alone: a solitary evening

binary Characterized by or consisting of two parts or components; twofold.

brogue A strong oxford shoe, usually with ornamental perforations and wing

wield  To handle (a weapon or tool, for example) with skill and ease.

templet  A pattern or gauge, such as a thin metal plate with a cut pattern, used as a guide in making something accurately, as in woodworking.

cleave To make or accomplish by or as if by cutting

constituent  Serving as part of a whole; component: a constituent element.

blucher A high shoe or half boot.

ween  To think; suppose. 

fell  To sew or finish (a seam) with the raw edges flattened, turned under, and stitched down.

subsequent Following in time or order; succeeding.

ante meridiem Before noon.

thereupon Directly following that; forthwith.

amiable  Friendly and agreeable in disposition; good-natured and likable.

wright One that constructs or repairs something.

obtest  To supplicate; entreat.

benignity  A kindly or gracious act.

beatify To exalt above all others.

potentate  One who has the power and position to rule over others; a monarch.

empyrean The highest reaches of heaven, believed by the ancients to be a realm of pure fire or light.

repose  To lay (oneself) down.

matin  Of or relating to matins or to the early part of the day.

operose  Industrious; diligent.

moil  To toil; slave. moiler n.

cognize   to perceive; become conscious of; know 

brace   A pair of like things

consummate  Complete or perfect in every respect

mule  A slipper that has no counter or strap to fit around the heel.

posit To place firmly in position.

trestle  A horizontal beam or bar held up by two pairs of divergent legs and used as a support.

penurious Poverty-stricken; destitute.

pauper  One who is extremely poor.

discombobulate  To throw into a state of confusion.

noesis  The cognitive process; cognition.

faculty  The ability to perform or act.

canvass  To examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize

unwonted  Not habitual or ordinary; unusual

donative   A special donation; a gift.

exacting Requiring great care, effort, or attention  exactingly adv.

virtuosity The technical skill, fluency, or style exhibited by a virtuoso.

virtuoso A person with masterly skill or technique in the arts.

opus   A creative work

nec plus ultra  The highest point, as of excellence or achievement; the ultimate.

erelong Before long; soon.

emptor  a person who purchases or contracts to purchase; a buyer

penetrate To gain admittance or access.

bothy   a hut or small cottage 

ensorcel  to bewitch

magnific Magnificent.

chef-d'oeuvre  A masterpiece, especially in literature or art.

proffer To offer for acceptance; tender.

huckster a retailer of small articles, esp. a peddler of fruits and vegetables; hawker 

binal   Twofold; double.

remuneration  Something, such as a payment, that remunerates.

thence  From that circumstance or source; therefrom.

pacific  Of a peaceful nature; tranquil.

chandler  A retail dealer in specified goods or equipment

lucre Money or profits.

cordovan  A fine leather originally made of goatskin but now more frequently of split horsehide.

twain Two.

couplet  Two similar things; a pair.

Balmoral  A heavy, laced walking shoe.

sequent   Following in order or time; subsequent.

crepuscule  Twilight.

befall  To come to pass; happen.

amicable  Characterized by or exhibiting friendliness or goodwill; friendly.

proletarian  a member of the proletariat; a worker.

coriaceous  Of or like leather, especially in texture.

aurora The dawn.

habile  Generally able or adroit; handy.

cobbler One that mends or makes boots and shoes.

travail  Work, especially when arduous or involving painful effort; toil.

natheless  Nevertheless; notwithstanding.

quadruplet   A group or combination of four associated by common properties or behavior.

chopine A woman's shoe worn in the 16th and 17th centuries that featured a very high, thick sole.

await  To wait.

prodigious  Extraordinary; marvelous

quondam  That once was; former  

consuetude  Custom; usage.

persist To continue in existence; last

propitious  Kindly; gracious.

artisan  A skilled manual worker; a craftsperson.

leal  loyal; true 

helpmeet  A helpmate.

forehanded  Having ample financial resources; well-off.

blithesome Cheerful; merry.

eventide Evening.

affable Gentle and gracious

consort A husband or wife, especially the spouse of a monarch.

submit To offer as a proposition or contention

abide To wait patiently for.

Argus-eyed  Extremely observant; vigilant.

extent   The range, magnitude, or distance over which a thing extends

tenebrous   Dark and gloomy. ten ebrosity   n.

explicate   To make clear the meaning of; explain. explication n.

eleemosynary  Of, relating to, or dependent on charity.

incident  A definite and separate occurrence; an event.

ensconce  To place or conceal in a secure place.

counterpane A cover for a bed; a bedspread.

remain  To continue in the same state or condition

quiescent  Being quiet, still, or at rest; inactive. quiescence n.

meteorically Similar to a meteor in speed, brilliance, or brevity

bantam Diminutive; miniature.

homunculus A diminutive human being.

fenestration  An opening in the surface of a structure, as in a membrane.  

commence to begin, start

arduous   Demanding great effort or labor; difficult

nisus  An effort or endeavor to realize an aim.

moil  To toil; slave.

alacrity Cheerful willingness; eagerness.

expedition  Speed in performance; promptness.

paragon A model of excellence or perfection of a kind; a peerless example

sabot A sandal or shoe having a band of leather or other material across the instep.

effectuate To bring about; effect.

decamp  To depart secretly or suddenly.

apace  At a rapid pace; swiftly.

credent  believing; trustful; confiding

astonied  Being in a bewildered state; dazed.

dulcet   Having a soothing, agreeable quality.

doyenne  A woman who is the eldest or senior member of a group.

enounce To pronounce clearly; enunciate.

penury  Extreme want or poverty; destitution.

abate  To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen.

beneficent Characterized by or performing acts of kindness or charity.

spalpeen   a lad or boy 

fecundity  Productive or creative power

portentous  Full of unspecifiable significance; exciting wonder and awe

requite  To make repayment or return for

oblation A charitable offering or gift.

adjuvant  serving to help or assist; auxiliary

gossoon  a boy; lad 

apparel  To clothe or dress.

exiguity  The quality or condition of being scanty or meager.

vestment A garment, especially a robe or gown worn as an indication of office or state.

diminutive  Extremely small in size; tiny.

kobold  An often mischievous household elf in German folklore.

gelid Very cold; icy

natty Neat, trim, and smart; dapper.

trews  Close-fitting trousers, usually of tartan.

atomic Very small; infinitesimal.

calotte A skullcap, especially one worn by Roman Catholic priests.

minikin delicate, dainty, or mincing

redingote A man's long double-breasted topcoat with full skirt.

suture  To join by means of sutures or a suture

nanoid  dwarfish 

buskin A foot and leg covering reaching halfway to the knee, resembling a laced half boot.

parvenu A person who has suddenly risen to a higher social and economic class and has not yet gained social acceptance by others in that class.

agnize  to recognize; acknowledge; own

sapient  Having great wisdom and discernment.

surmise To make a guess or conjecture.

gloaming  Twilight; dusk.

benefaction  an act of conferring a benefit; the doing of good; a good deed

realize  To make real; fulfill

perse Dark grayish blue or purple.

breeks  Breeches.

fuscous  Dark brownish-gray in color.

reefer   A short, heavy, close-fitting, double-breasted jacket.

nigrescence  Blackness or darkness, as of complexion.  nigrescent adj.

zucchetto  A skullcap worn by clerics, varying in color with the rank of the wearer.

leathern  Made of, covered with, or resembling leather.

mukluk  A soft boot made of reindeer skin or sealskin and worn by Eskimos.  A slipper with a soft sole resembling this boot.

lurk  To exist unobserved or unsuspected

caliginous  Dark, misty, and gloomy.

anon In a short time; soon.

avail To be of use or advantage to; help

imp A mischievous child.

assemble   To gather together; congregate.

solicitous Full of desire; eager.

ouphe  an elf or goblin

descry  to discover by careful observation or scrutiny; detect

meritorious  Deserving reward or praise; having merit.

regalia  Magnificent attire; finery.

tog  To dress or clothe

blithe Carefree and lighthearted.

posthaste  With great speed; rapidly.

beauteous  Beautiful, especially to the sight.

caper To leap or frisk about; frolic.

curvet  To prance; frolic.

warble To sing (a note or song, for example) with trills, runs, or other melodic embellishments.

exultation The act or condition of rejoicing greatly.

defenestrate   To throw out of a window.

corporeity  The state of being material or corporeal; physical existence.

anew Once more; again.

flush  Having an abundant supply of money; affluent.

dyad Two individuals or units regarded as a pair

encounter   A meeting, especially one that is unplanned, unexpected, or brief

felicitous Marked by happiness or good fortune

sprite  A small or elusive supernatural being; an elf or a pixy. 

howbeit  Be that as it may; nevertheless.

amalgamate To combine into a unified or integrated whole; unite.

actuality  The state or fact of being actual; reality

auspicious Marked by success; prosperous.

henceforth  From this time forth; from now on.