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Analysis for Poster to Be Presented at the 2003 Meeting on Acoustic Communication in Animals.
Statistics, Graphs and Distributions. Data sample consists of 6984 triggers (3 sigmas above noise) from matched filter. 6-second kernel, first harmonic only. Fit using envelope-power-weighted centering iterated several times, and 5 fits, with ngate = 100, 300, 500, 1000, and 3000 points (+/-). A sixth fit (the "cheating fit") uses ngate = 3000, but with the starting values of the parameters set to the phi0 value calculated to start off with, and f0 = 16.00, dfdt = -0.045 Hz/sec.
Seasonal variation of "B" calling: plots of calls in one day vs calendar day. Seasonal variation of "B" calling: plots of calls per weekvs calendar day. Plots showing diel variability in "B" calling. Plots for variation of f0 with calendar time. Figure showing decline of "B" call frequency Time intervals between "B" calls.
Exit-status statistics, and conclusions.