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PSM data file formats.
Hydrophone calibration.

Ecosystem Observations 2002 Ship Traffic, AGU, 2002, San Francisco Whale Calls, AGU, 2002, San Francisco
Research Projects
Wavelet Analysis of Blue-Whale Calls Test of VLA Integrity On-line Monitoring using PMEL data server
log of unusual events Blue-Whale Call false positives LSQ fit to One Blue-Whale "B" Call
signals from airguns Harmonic ratio for blue-whale "B" calls, call series of day 285, 2001 Summary of AGU 2002 Blue-whale "B" calls
Blue-whale "B" calls, first post-AGU summary Blue-whale "B" calls, second post-AGU2002 summary (1-13-2003) Blue-whale "B" calls, third post-AGU2002 summary (2-01-2003)
Blue-whale "B" calls, fourth post-AGU2002 summary (3-02-2003); larger sample of triggers, with lower threshold and fundamental-only kernel Data and plots for paper for conference on Acoustic Communication in Animals, July 2003 B-only paper, first harmonic, 2-23-05
B-only paper, third harmonic, 3-7-05 Cetacean Society Talk, April 2005 B-only paper, timing
Blue-whale "B" calls, summary for B-only paper.