San Francisco State University Physics and Astronomy Department
SFSU Pacific Oceanography Project
Software Used in Analysis of Data from Hoke BB Source
( Hoke |Pioneer Seamount )

Software used, in geological order

May 27, 2002. hokeman (perl). A script to call other programs in analysis of Hoke BB data; reads steering data from tarrive.txt.
May 27, 2002. (IDL). Read in a PMEL raw data file, extract a segment near one broad-band chirp, and carry out matched-filter detection. Write out files for plotting. r0131319.46m --> r0131319.54H.
May 27, 2002. (IDL). Program to determine parameters for the matched filter for the Hoke BB signal; reads files written by mkhok.
May 27, 2002. (IDL). Program to display matched-filter output for one BB signal; shows signals for each hydrophone, and summed signal; writes peak positions, fwhm, and heights to screen. These data are cut and pasted into hokpkdat.txt for plotting and analysis.
May 27, 2002. (IDL). Program to plot data from 37 BB signals - peak height, FWHM, etc.; reads data from hokpkdat.txt.