San Francisco State University Physics and Astronomy Department
SFSU Pacific Oceanography Project
Hoke Seamount: Observations
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Signals from the four hydrophones of a (small) VLA (vertical linear array) are archived and made available, in real time, over the web, by NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Lab. These data can be seen at the SFSU on-line archive, downloaded from the PMEL site. The data are displayed as spectrograms, showing frequency on the horizontal axis (0 to 512 Hz) and time increasing upwards. The broad-band source was tested during the interval 17:00-20:00 UT on November 9, 2001.

Real-time web access to
Pioneer Seamount data, from
Spectrograms, November 9, 2001,
16:00-18:00 UT; broad-band
source and humpback whales
Spectrograms, November 9, 2001,
18:00-20:00 UT. Clearer
signals from source