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Blue Whale Calls Observed at Pioneer Seamount
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October 12, 2001 (day 285), 17:00 UT

This long sequence of vocalizations consists of 62 "A-B" call pairs, over a period of about 2 hr 30 min. The longest break between calls is about 4 minutes. Note the variation in overtone structure of the "B" calls.
October 11, 2001 (day 284), 14305 UT

Here we see sequences of "B" calls without "A" calls. This is not the standard vocalization pattern for northeastern Pacific blue whales. This sequence appears to start at 5:45, is strong at 12:30, fades, then becomes strong again at 17:15, and disappears at about 19:00. It is not clear whether or not multiple whales are involved.
September 12, 2001 (day 255), 11:00 UT

This short sequence of "A-B" call pairs only lasts 20 minutes, but has particularly mellifluous "A" calls. The "B" call is relatively weak.
September 1, 2001 (day 244), 11:00 UT

The Pioneer Seamount instrumentation package touched bottom at 4:10 UT on September 1, and within the day this group of whales showed up. They are actually not close enough to see anything, and the Pioneer Seamount Observatory is silent, so this may be a coincidence.

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