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Fall 2004

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Thank you!: An especial thanks to all the members of this class that made my last class one of the most fun! I especially appreciate all the warm wishes expressed by class members. It was great working with you!


"Each piece, or part, of the whole of nature is always merely an approximation to the complete truth, or the complete truth so far as we know it. In fact, everything we know is only some kind of approximation, because we know that we do not know all the laws as yet. Therefore, things must be learned only to be unlearned again or, more likely, to be corrected."
Richard Feynman


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Reminder the lab TA's are available to answer questions (i.e., to tutor)
Their hours are (OH = Office hours, TH = Thornton Hall)

David: Help - M 12-1 TH230; OH - Tu 2:10-3:10 TH208
Kurtis: Help -
W 11-12 Th118*;OH - Th 3:30-4:30 TH 208
Thanh: Help F12-1 TH116; OH - W 1-2, TH328.
* change