Several students have asked where there might be additional reading on some aspects of the course, particularly that dealing with the mysterious quantum duality. There are quite a number of books covering aspects of modern physics; many tend to be obscure, however. Two that I can recommend are:

Thirty Years that Shook Physics; The Story of Quantum Theory , by George Gamow (paperback)

There are a series of books by Gamow, all of which are very good, though some a little dated. The above book, while old, has not been supplanted.

The Tao of Physics by Fritz Capra (paperback)

A "new age" approach by a solid physicist. (Another book that tried to ride the same wave of "New Age" popularity is The Dancing Wei Ling Masters by Zukav and Finklestein. I don't recommend it, though, as the physics is often in error.