Physics 102, Information Sheet and Schedule

Instructors: Mark Ciotola, Miguel Garcia, Tim Dawe

The objective of this laboratory is to assist you in learning physics by direct involvement in making physical measurements. Physics is a quantitative science. The Physics 101 course tries to present the ideas of physics without preventing those not skillful with numbers from participating. However, this lab should make the entire course far more meaningful.

Calculators will be needed, and in order to handle the range of numbers and operations, you should get an inexpensive "scientific calculator" which should cost well less than $20. We will discuss using such a calculator in lab or in the "Help"(Recitation) or Office Hour sessions.

Prime requirements of the laboratory are attendance AND participation. One missed lab can be made up at the Exploratorium (arranged with your instructor first), but that’s it. Additional misses WILL reduce your grade. ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED AND TURNED IN DURING THE LAB TIME. Since labs refer to each other and there is a final lab exam (!) at the end of the term, it would be wise to have a binder to keep all your lab write ups in and bring it to each class. Grading policy will be determined by your lab instructor.

Tentative (!) Schedule (subject to change!):

1/31 Intro / Units and Measurement

2/7 Motion Investigations

2/14 Forces in Equilibrium

2/21 Collisions: Conservation of Energy and Momentum

2/28 The Pendulum

3/7 Archimedes Principle

3/14 Thermodynamics: Calorimetry

3/21 Waves

3/28 No Class – Spring Break

4/4 Sound and Music

4/11 Electricity and Magnetism

4/18 Electrical Circuits

4/25 Optics: Reflection and Refraction

5/2 The Spectrum

5/9 Radioactivity

5/16 Final