Welcome to my tank page

Originally I had this as my tank story page, which was nice, but eventually it became one humongous single page that stretched on for a while. So I've decided to split it up into subsections so you can see individual aspects of the tank including particular inhabitants and make it a tad more organized. Also if you watch something grow constantly you don't really notice the changes, but if you have periodic photographs taken you can really see the change, and I'll try to tell you what's new since the last update, and mark each subsection as if there's something new buried within it so you can follow the animated pictures. I'm typing this up straight off a unix shell so no spell check or fancy grammar check, so please excuse any typos and horrible misspellings[sic] *grin*. One final note, I like telling stories, and trying to be as descriptive as possible so you can get a mental picture of what I'm talking about, even though there are real pictures, so because of such I might tend to get quite... wordy at times having huge paragraphs, possibly run on sentences, so please stick with me or just scroll down to the clicking parts with the pretty pictures *Thanks, The Management*

*UPDATED* July 20, 2004

*last update* June 17, 2004

Latest News: Got a few new goodies from the Bay Area Reefers (BAR) frag swap, met some new people, everyone I talked too seemed like great people, but most of all I got some free corals out of it!

Future Plans- This is my next future plan/project for my tank, what I plan on doing with any hardware, rearranging, or even setting up new tanks, basically anything I couldn't do right this second even if I wanted.

Latest Additions- These are the latest additions to my tank both hardware and softwa.. er wetware (ie lifeforms)

Tank Story- originally I had wanted to see if I could do this for a budget, ie looking for deals/second hand goods, and this is the setup of my tank since then.

Tank Progress- This is the current (or last time a picture was taken) look of the tank, plus older pictures so you can gauge how far its grown, where's the coralline growth, etc.

Tank Inhabitants- These are the current tank inhabitants, what exactly is still alive!