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M.Sc. Students Advised by Prof. Barsony
Rajasi Joshi in her office at SF State Current Position: M.Sc. Student in Physics
San Francisco State University
Thesis Title: "Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Young Binaries"
June, 2011: Expected Thesis Completion Date
2006, B.S. in Applied Mathematics,
Minor in Computer Science, Northeastern Illinois University
1998, A.S. Computer Science
Raritan Valley Community College
Rajasi Joshi Ria's HomePage
Jason Ybarra at University of Florida Current Position: Ph.D. Student in Astronomy
University of Florida, Gainesville
2006, M.S. Physics
San Francisco State University
Thesis Title: "First Evidence of a Precessing Jet Excavating a Protostellar Envelope" PDF (460 kB)
2004, B.S. Physics, Minor in Astronomy
California State University, Sacramento
Jason's HomePage
Jason Ybarra

Details of protostellar collapse can be found here PDF (36.8MB)