Installing Real Player to View Video Clips

To view the video clips you will need RealPlayer. It can be downloaded from The installation file for the free application is (currently) RealPlayer10-5GOLD.exe . The application RealPlayer10-5Gold_bb.exe is OK too.

There is also a "lighter" application available which can view RealMedia (.rm) files. It is called Media Player Classic, from Real Alternative. To download it go to and click on "Download Real Alternative 1.46." The current installation file is realalt146.exe. During installation you will be asked if you want to uninstall RealPlayer (if you have it installed). You are advised to do this. You can always download it again.

One up side to using Media Player Classic is that capturing single frames as .jpg files works, and this seems to be blocked with the RealMedia player. Note however that you have to choose the correct viewing option. Go to View / Options / Playback /Output, and under RealMedia Video choose either DirectX 7** or DirectX 9** . This may require you to go to url=/windows/directx/downloads/default.htm and install Microsoft's DirectX 9.3c. Even so, capturing frames may be tricky; I had to use the DirectX 7** option in some cases.