James M. Lockhart

Office: Thornton Hall 520

Phone 338-2451

e-mail lockhart at stars dot sfsu dot edu

Fall 09 Office Hours:  M 0910-1000; W 1300-1400; F 1300-1400.

Help Sessions: I will have a Phys 111 help session F 1510-1600, in TH230 (first meeting will be Sept. 18). Other help sessions / office hours you can use:
Prof. W. Man (Phys 111.02 Lecturer) - Office Hours Th 1510-1700 in TH 316
Ms. Shiree Burt  (Lab Instructor) - F 1310-1400 in TH118
Mr. Samy Kamal  (Lab Instructor) -  T 1310-1400 and Th 1210-1300 in TH208
Mr. Dima Kamalov  (Lab Instructor) - TH 1530-1630 in TH208
Mr. Mike McKay  (Lab Instructor) - W 1500-1600 in TH208
Mr. Francisco Ponce  (Lab Instructor) - W 1800-1900 in TH118


Final Exam on Wed. Dec. 16, 1045-1315

Midterm Exam 1 on Monday Oct. 5.

The Physics Readiness Test results are given in the PDF document below (by last 4 digits of SFSU ID) and are also posted on the bulletin board across from Thornton Hall 118. Minimum score for a “Pass” was 30. If your score was below 23, you failed the test and will be dropped from Phys 111 and Phys 112. If you scored in the range 23-29, your status is “ALEKS”; see “ALEKS Option” below.

Wait list students (official and unofficial) who passed the Readiness Test will be receiving an add permit (e-mailed to your e-mail address) IF you attended class on the first day and turned in an enrollment sheet. You can come to my office and fill out an enrollment sheet if you did not do so on the first day.

ALEKS Option
If your status is “ALEKS”, you will be dropped from Physics 111 and Physics 112, but are eligible to get an add permit if you sign up for the ALEKS Math Preparation for College Physics on-line course and achieve 80% proficiency by the add deadline. Go to the ALEKS web site
( ) and sign up for course code UWFJC-CAFVU. The cost is $30 for six weeks of access. (When the ALEKS system takes you to the page where you purchase an access code, choose the option “ALEKS Math (6 weeks) $30” if there is no option for “Math Preparation for College Physics.” The instructor may be listed as Dr. Lea; that is fine). If you pursue the ALEKS Option, you should continue attending class, do the homework, take quizzes, etc. Your scores will be recorded.

Readiness Test Results (Friday Tests)

If you still need an add permit (and are eligible to add), please be sure to send me a request with your full name, full student ID number, and preferred e-mail.


Physics Readiness Test Information

Lecture 1 Notes  (PDF)

Lecture 2 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 3 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 4 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 5 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 6 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 7 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 8 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 9 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 10 Notes (PDF)  Note that we did not cover all this material, due to the quiz

Equation Sheet 1

Practice Midterm Exam 1

Lecture 11 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 12 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 13 Notes (PDF)

Practice Midterm 1 Solutions (PDF)
Note that on problem 2(a) of the solutions, the normal force from the inclined plane was inadvertently omitted.
Lecture 14 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 15 Notes (PDF)

Midterm 1 Solutions and Grade Distribution

Lecture 16 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 17 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 18 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 19 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 20 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 21 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 22 Notes (PDF)

Equation Sheet 2

Lecture 23 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 24 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 25 Notes (PDF)

Practice Midterm 2 (PDF)

Lecture 26 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 27 Notes (PDF)

Practice Midterm 2 Solutions (PDF)

Lecture 28 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 29 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 30 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 31 Notes (PDF)

Equation Sheet 3

Lecture 32 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 33 Notes (PDF)

Practice Final Exam (PDF)

Lecture 34 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 35 Notes (PDF)

Lecture 36 Notes (PDF)
Please note that the location of the Monday 3:10-4:00 review session has changed to TH231. Also, seating will be very limited.

Solutions to Practice Final (PDF)

Lecture 37 Notes (PDF)