MODEL: Once the water emerges from the tube, it follows a parabolic path to the pool. Each water particle behaves as a projectile. Thus there are two fluid problems to solve here: the flow of water through the exit tube, and the flow of water inside the cylinder.

SETUP: In both cases our resources are Bernoulli's equation (equation 13.14) and the equation of continuity (equation 13.13). Because the area of the cylinder is much greater than the area of either tube, we may ignore the slow flow of water within the cylinder, so that equation 13.14 reduces to equation 13.9 within the cylinder. Which fluid property do you need to find the speed at which the fluid exits each tube? Then use the equations for projectile motion (from Chapter 3) to find an expression for x.

Note that the diagram shows thatx is the same for each tube. Do your calculations confirm this result?

SOLVE: Finally use the continuity equation to find the flow rate through each tube.

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