Physics 230         Spring 2001         Dr. Susan Lea

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NOTE: Concurrent enrollment in lab is REQUIRED.

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If you are not yet enrolled in Phys 232, list ALL sections that will fit into your schedule, in order of preference:

Lab sections:

Section 1 Wed 1:10-3:55; section 2 Wed 5:35-8:20pm; section 3 Th 9:35-12:20PREREQUISITES:

Second semester calculus (Math 221 or Math 227 at SFSU):
Where taken?_____________When?____________________ Grade_______

1st semester Physics (Physics 220 at SFSU)

Where taken_____________When?_____________________Grade________

COREQUISITE: Third semester calculus (Math 222 if you took Math 221. Math 228 is recommended but not required)

List section, or if already passed, college and grade_______________________

Any other calculus or advanced math?

In your calculus class, did you learn:

Definition of derivative using differentials? _______

Definition of integral as sum of elementary areas?______

Integration by parts?______________

Integration and differentiation of exponentials and logarithms?_______

Series expansions?_________

How to take a limit as x ® 0 or x®¥ ? _______

I understand that this class requires a major commitment of time and effort and I agree to make that commitment. My proposed schedule is shown below.  I understand that a minimum score of 50% on the homework is required for a grade of C or better. Please enroll me in Physics 230 and 232.

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Please fill out your schedule and indicate the hours that you plan to spend working on this class. I expect to see at least 9 hours outside of lecture time devoted to Physics 230.