Physics 222         Fall 2000

222.01 Th 9:35-12:20   Mr. Greer
222.02 Th 12:35-15:20     Mr. Johnson
222.03 Th 3:35-18:20  Ms. Kayayan-Polasek
222.04 Th 18:35-21:20 Mr. Chu
222.05 F 12:10-14:55 Mr DeMange
Every student enrolled in Physics 220 must also be enrolled in a section of Physics 222. You will need:
  1. A hard-bound, quadrille-ruled lab notebook
  2. The lab manual, available from the Physics/Astronomy Club
  3. A receipt showing that you have paid the lab fee
You should arrive promptly at lab.  There will be a quiz during the first 5 minutes of lab.  If you are not there, you will not receive credit for the quiz. (The lowest quiz score will be dropped.)
You should plan to finish your lab write-up during the 3 hour lab period.
There will be one mid-term examination, and a final.

Grading will be based on the lab write-ups that you do each week (55%), quizzes (10 %) the mid-term (15%) and the final (20%).  The lowest write-up score will be dropped. (This allows you to miss one lab due to sickness or other serious reason.)

Read the lab manual prior to coming to lab, and come prepared to start the experiment.  The lab quiz at the beginning of each class period will test your knowledge of the procedures you will be performing and the analysis that you will do.
Each week you will prepare a report on the experiment that you have performed.  The report must be written neatly, in ink, and directly into your lab notebook.  It will be written as you do the experiment- not later. You will be graded on the correctness of your English as well as on the report content. The lab report must contain:
The date, time, your name, and your lab partners' names.
Title of experiment.
A brief introduction
A description of everything that you did.  Use large, clear, diagrams.
Clearly explain how you took your data, and present the data in clear TABLES. Correct units must be attached to each number.
Complete calculations and analysis for each section of the experiment as you do it.  Show a clear, complete sample of each calculation.
Each datum and each calculated result must be presented with its associated uncertainty. Be sure to state clearly how you estimate the uncertainty in each number.
Write a clear conclusion that explains what you have learned from this experiment.  Honesty is the best policy!

Do not use white-out in your lab notebook.  If you make a mistake draw a SINGLE line through it. Never tear anything out of your notebook.  Do not take data on loose sheets- write the results directly into the notebook.

Your lab instructor will sign your notebook at the end of each lab period.

Lab schedule



Lab number (from manual)


Aug 31/Sep 1 Readiness test
Sep 7/8 1 Introductory concepts
Sep 14/15 2 Area, Volume, Density
Sep 21/22 3 Vectors
Sep 28/29 4 Forces
Oct 5/6 5 Force and acceleration
Oct 12/13 6 Behr Free-fall experiment
Oct 19/20 7 More analysis of Behr free-fall
Oct 26/27 Mid-term exam
Nov 2/3 9 Momentum
Nov 9/10 10 Motion in 2 dimensions
Nov 16/17 11 Simple Harmonic Motion
Nov 23/24 Thanksgiving- no class
Nov 30/Dec 1 13/14 Rotational dynamics
Dec 7/8 Final exam
Dec 14/15 Final report due. Class review