For this project you will work in teams.  The team members are :
1st expression   (sum of Js)
2nd expression   (Is and Ks)
3rd expression   (Triple sum)
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Jeff Alvaro Evan
Behnam Wilder Alexander
Hao Jason Priti

         Each team will solve one part of problems 3-23 and 3-24.  Team 1 will work on the first expression (sum of J's), team 2 will work on the second expression (with I's and K's) and team 3 will work on the third expression (triple sum).  You will solve problem 3-24 using only the expression you derived in 3-23.
         In 3-24 (b) you will obtain a numerical value for the potential at the center of the cylindrical volume. Jackson says to obtain 2-figure accuracy, but you should be able to do much better than that.  Obtain as much accuracy as you can.  Since you will be conducting a numerical experiment, you must give your answer with its associated uncertainty.  Be prepared to justify your value. The uncertainty must include all possible sources of numerical error.
         Prepare a written paper (typed, please) showing your calculations and describing your numerical work.  Discuss how you obtained your uncertainty.  Include all relevant references. The paper should be in the appropriate style for submission to a journal such as The Astrophysical Journal or Physical Review, although you will probably want to include more details than would be typical for a journal paper.
         On the last day of classes your team will present your results to the rest of the class.  We will compare everyone's numerical results, and see whether the values agree within your estimated uncertainties. You will have approximately twenty minutes (including time for questions), so decide ahead of time what is the most significant part of your work to share with the rest of the class.  
         It is up to the members of each team to be sure that every team member contributes to the team effort.  You can divide up the work any way that you want.  
         This project will contribute 5% of your grade for the class.