Physics 785 Q&A




Dec 15 Is velocity, (the time derivative of r_0), constant? You don't need that information.
Dec 15 I have a question about the external force in problem 3 of the take home exam.
Can we assume that the force only exists for times t > 0 or does it act for all times?
You should not make any assumptions about F.
Dec 15 P 1. Should I consider that the dipole is oriented in the same direction for all time? You do not need to assume anything about the direction of the dipole.
Dec 15 In problem 2, we need to find current in the central arm only and not in the other two arms, right? Just making sure! Yes.
Dec 16 In problem #1 part b, is it okay if our expression for Qij contains vectors as well as index notation? Or should the answer be completely in terms of variables in index notation?That's fine.
Dec 16 In the expression for the electric dipole field that is listed in problem 1, the units of the two terms in the brackets do not seem to match. Should the R vector in the parentheses be an R unit vector instead? Oops. Of course. Thanks for catching that.