Physics 785 Q&A




Oct 23 What kind of analysis do you expect besides analyzing the sourse of error at the boundaries of the function? Also, would you expect a plot of something like in fig 4.1 in the book, or just compare N=10 terms with original function? The problem asks you to “Discuss the percent error between your series and the function over the given range.” I think that is clear.
You are not asked for plots of the series with less than 10 terms, but you might find it educational.
Dec 16 For Problem2, part (b), it is stated that B is uniform. Is this B in z direction as well, similar to part (a)? Yes
Dec 16 Please note that Problem 1 is NOT an initial value problem.
Dec 16 Current density is the amount of charge crossing unit area of a surface per unit time.
Dec 16 Problem 2 There is a sign error in the conductivity tensor. The minus sign on omegaB/nu should be in the (12) component not the (21) component.
Dec 16 To solve problem 2(a), is it a valid approach to plug in the tensor relationship into the equation of motion? No. You need to derive the tensor relationship from the equation of motion.
Dec 16 For extra credit, is it asking to show that the electron density stays constant? Yes