Instructions for the mid-term exam

You may prepare ONE, hand-written, 8x11 sheet of notes for reference.  You must attach this sheet to your exam, and turn it in at the end of the exam period.  In most cases, you will not receive credit for material copied directly from your notes.

You may use a calculator if you wish, but its use is discouraged. Any calculator you do use must be non-programmable, non-graphing.  Numerical values in decimals will receive less credit than fractions (for example, 11/13) and surds (for example, the square root of two). 

No other resources of any kind may be used.

All steps must be properly explained and justified.  In some problems, credit will be given for the use of diagrams in the solution.  Such diagrams must be large and clear.

All written work must be clearly legible for credit to accrue.