Peng Zhang

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Postdoctoral researcher
NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center
University of California, Berkeley
Phone: (510) 643 - 4972 (Lab), (415) 533 - 9208 (Cell)


Ph.D in Precise Instrument and Mechanics

2003-2009 Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

M.S. in Optical Engineering

2001-2004 Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

B.S. in Applied Physics

1997-2001 Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Work Experience:

1/2011- present UC Berkeley, Postdoctoral scholar

5/2009- 12/2010 San Francisco State University, Postdoctoral scholar

5/2006-4/2009 Northwestern Polytechnical University, Lecturer

4/2004-4/2006 Northwestern Polytechnical University, Teaching assistant

Research Interest:

Nano-photonics, plasmonics and metamaterials
Optical manipulations
Nonlinear optics in periodic structures
Optical solitons

Selected Publications:

1. Peng Zhang, et al. Rotating beads and bacteria with moiré-based optical tweezers. December special issue Optics and Photonics News: Optics in 2012 2012, 23: 46.

2. Peng Zhang, et al. Nonparaxial Mathieu and Weber accelerating beams. Physical Review Letters 2012, 109: 193901. (Cover Story, Editor's Suggestion, and featured in APS: Physics, OSA: OPN, IOP: Physics World, and Laser Focus World, etc.)

3. Peng Zhang, et al. Trapping and rotating microparticles and bacteria with Moiré-based optical propelling beams. Biomedical Optics Express 2012, 3: 1891.

4. Peng Zhang, et al. Generation of linear and nonlinear nonparaxial accelerating beams. Optics Letters 2012, 37: 2820-2822.

5. Peng Zhang, et al. Reconfigurable 3D photonic lattices by optical induction for optical control of beam propagation. Applied Physics B 2011, 104: 553-560. (Invited paper)

6. Peng Zhang, et al. Plasmonic Airy beams with dynamically controlled trajectories. Optics Letters 2011, 36: 3191-3193. (Featured in OSA Press Release, LBL News, OPN, and Laser Focus World, etc.)

7. Peng Zhang, et al. Trapping and guiding micro-particles with morphing auto-focusing Airy beams. Optics Letters 2011, 36: 2883-2885.

8. Peng Zhang, et al. Trapping and transporting aerosols with a single optical bottle beam generated by moiré techniques. Optics Letters 2011, 36: 1491-1493.

9. Peng Zhang, et al. Generation and nonlinear self-trapping of optical propelling beams. Optics Letters 2010, 35: 3129-3131. (Featured as cover story)

10. Peng Zhang, et al. Observation of coherent destruction of tunneling and unusual beam dynamics due to negative coupling in three-dimensional photonic lattices. Optics Letters 2010, 35: 3252-3254.

11. Peng Zhang, et al. Tuning of Bloch modes, diffraction and refraction by two-dimensional lattice reconfiguration. Optics Letters 2010, 35: 892-894.

12. Peng Zhang, et al. Incomplete Brillouin zone spectra and controlled Bragg reflection with ionic-type photonic lattices. Phys. Rev. A Rap. Commun. 2010, 81: 041801(R).

13. Peng Zhang, et al. Optical induction of three-dimensional photonic lattices and enhancement of discrete diffraction. Optics Express 2009, 17: 13151-13156.

14. Peng Zhang, et al. Hybrid nonlinearity supported by nonconventionally biased photorefractive crystal. Applied Physics B 2009, 95: 559-563.

15. Peng Zhang, et al. Band-gap engineering and light manipulation with reconfigurable egg-crate photonic lattices. December special issue Optics and Photonics News: Optics in 2008 2008, 19: 25.

16. Peng Zhang, et al. Optically induced transition between discrete and gap solitons in a nonconventionally biased photorefractive crystal. Optics Letters 2008, 33: 878-880.

17. Peng Zhang, et al. Elliptical discrete solitons supported by enhanced photorefractive anisotropy. Optics Express 2008, 16: 3865-3870.

18. Peng Zhang, et al. Elliptical solitons in nonconventionally biased photorefractive crystals, Optics Express 2007, 15: 536-544.

19. Peng Zhang, et al. One-dimensional spatial dark soliton-induced channel waveguides in lithium niobate crystal. Applied Optics 2006, 45: 2273-2278.

20. Peng Zhang, et al. Photo-written waveguides in iron-doped lithium niobate crystal employing binary optical masks. Optical Engineering 2006, 45: 074603.

21. Peng Zhang, et al. Refractive index changes induced by sheet beams with various intensity distributions in LiNbO3:Fe crystal. Science in China G 2005, 48: 399-412.

22. Peng Zhang, et al. Light-induced array of three-dimensional waveguides in lithium niobate employing two-beam interference field. Chinese Physics Letters 2004, 21: 1558-1561.

23. Peng Zhang, et al. Optical masks prepared by using liquid crystal light valve for light-induced photorefractive waveguides. Applied Optics 2003, 42: 4208-4211.

24. Peng Zhang, et al. Optically induced photorefractive waveguides in KNSBN:Ce crystal. Optical Materials 2003, 23: 299-303.