SFSU Quantum Optics in the News

Group Member Mr. Trevor Kelly have won third place at the SFSU COSE Student Project Showcase. His research was entitled "Guiding Invisible Light by Plasmonic Resonant Solitons in Metallic Nanosuspensions." Congratulations Trevor!

Our work on "Rotating Beads and Bacteria with Moiré-based Optical Tweezers" was featured in "Optics in 2012" by Optics & Photonics News.

Our group member Alex Miller won the NSF GRFP fellowship and got accepted by Berkeley, Columbia, UCSB, UCLA and several other top schools. She is the second winner from our group following Daniel Shuldman (now a PhD canidate at Berkeley).

Group Members Drake Cannan (first place) and Mike Lau have won in the COSE Showcase.

Our recent work on "Plasmonic Airy beams with dynamically controlled trajectories" got featured in OSA News Release and LBL News.

Dr. C. Clark (NIST) and former OSA President Dr. T. Baer visited OSA Student Chapter at SFSU.

Our group member Daniel Hernandez has won the First Place and Alexandra Miller has won Honorable Mention of SFSU Student Research Competition.

Our former group member Daniel Shuldman (now as a PhD candidate @ UC Berkeley) has won the NSF GRFP fellowship and DOE SCGF fellowship.

Our work on Photonic Superlattices featured in OPN special issue "Optics in 2009".

Prof. Chen elected as the 2009 fellow of the Optical Society of America!

Dr. Guy Bartal from UC Berkeley visited our lab!

OSA fellow Prof. Wieslaw Krolikowski from Australian National University visited our lab!

Our work on ionic-type photonic lattices featured in OPN special issue "Optics in 2008".

The first OSA student Chapter established at SFSU. Dan Shuldman elected as the President!
Our work on solitons in 3-well potential won the 2008 SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize!
Our work on 2D surface solitons featured in OPN special issue "Optics in 2007".
Prof. Chen received Outstanding Oversea Young Investigator Award from NSF of China, 2003.
H. Martin won ARCS fellowship, 2003.
Our work on soliton-based wave mixing featured in OPN special issue "Optics in 1999".
Our work on incoherent dark solitons featured in OPN special issue "Optics in 1998".