Astronomy 115-03 & 115-05 Spring 2017

Extra Credit Opportunities

Each extra credit assignment counts towards 1% of your final grade. You may apply up to a total of four extra credit assignments to your grade. All extra credit assignments must be completed and handed in by Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

I. Observation Report:

There are several observatories around the Bay Area that have public observing nights. Here are links to the pages for the SFSU Observatory, the Chabot Space and Science Center, Foothill College Observatory, the SSU Observatory, or the Robert Ferguson Observatory. You may attend one of these public observing sessions and observe a few astronomical objects for extra credit. If you find another observatory with public hours, contact me first for approval.

For extra credit, attend the observing session and fill out the Observation Record for two objects. You must include all information listed on the record sheet to receive the extra credit.

Note: You may not re-submit an Astronomy 116 Observatory assignment for extra credit in Astronomy 115.

II. Lecture Report:

There are many opportunities to listen to a public, non-technical talk on astronomy topics throughout the Bay Area. SFSU runs a weekly colloquium, Foothill College runs an astronomy lecture series and has posted videos of past talks in their series on the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures YouTube channel, Evergreen Valley College runs a similar series of talks posted on their EVC Astronomy Public Talks YouTube channel, and the California Academy of Sciences hosts the Benjamin Dean Astronomy Lectures. If you find another astronomy lecture you would like to attend for extra credit, contact me for approval. Do not assume that any astronomy lecture will qualify for extra credit, talk to me first!

For extra credit, attend an astronomy lecture and write a summary of what you learned (roughly 1.5-2 pages). Provide in your summary:

  1. The location, the speakers name (and their institution if possible)
  2. The topic of the lecture
  3. A description of what you learned, how the topic of the lecture relates to material or topics that we covered in class, and what questions you might have after hearing the talk.

III. Optional Lecture-Tutorials: Complete one of the following lecture-tutorials, stapling all pages of answers together. Your answers should be written in complete sentences wherever appropriate. Optional Lecture-Tutorials include: