Welcome to Jessica Fielder's Teaching Website

I teach astronomy and physics at San Francisco State University and run the Supplemental Instruction program through the Center for Science and Math Education. In the past I have also taught physics and astronomy at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Spring 2018 Semester

We are looking for new SI Facilitators for the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 academic year! Apply here: SI Facilitator Application

This semester I am teaching/involved in:

Fall 2017 Semester

This fall I am teaching at SFSU M-F.

Spring 2017 Semester

This spring I am teaching at SFSU M-F.

Fall 2016 Semester

This fall I am teaching at SFSU on MWF. I am available for office hours by appointment on TTh.

Spring 2016 Semester

This spring I am teaching at SFSU on MTWF, and am available by appointment on Thursdays

General Information

I use a lot of demos in my lectures from the Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project. If you would like to play around with these demos, you will need a computer with Macromedia Flash installed. In the menu bar, click on NAAP Labs and you should see a list of the different demos arranged by subject. In each subject, the actual demo has the label "[swf]" following the link. Enjoy!

Print out the voting card for lecture classes.

Want to make your own star wheel? Got a printer? Check this out. It's not as good as the card stock or plastic ones, but it is free.

Check out Google Sky, a part of Google Earth.

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