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Deadlines and important dates for graduate students are given below. For further information consult the graduate division.

date/ time deadline details

Thursday August 18, 2016

placement test 9:00-4:00; meet in Th 334 at 9:00 AM
Monday August 22, 2016 advising appointments Make appointment with Graduate Advisor
August TBA, 2016 GTA training (new GTA's only) 2:30, TH 118
August TBA, 2016 Lab Coordination Meeting 3:45, TH 118; all lab instructors and lab coordinators
August 24 (Wednesday), 2016 first meeting of classes, Fall 2016  
February TBA, 2016 filing application for Spring 2016 graduation Last day to file application for Spring 2016 graduation. Must have an approved ATC and Culminating Experience Form on file with the Division of Graduate Studies.
April TBA, 2016 filing of ATC with Graduate Division, Fall 2016 graduation
Last day to file ATC and culminating experience requirement form in the graduate division for Fall 2016 graduation
Paperwork should be filed with department at least one week prior to this deadline.
May TBA, 2016 File thesis or report of completion of Master's exam. Last day to file Report of completion of culminating experience and /or thesis for Spring 2016 graduation.  NO EXCEPTIONS
March 31, 2016 Application for TA position for Fall 2016
 May 1, 2016
application for Fall 2016 admission You are encouraged to submit your application sooner, especially if your are applying for financial aid.