Doppler Velocity Curves

51 Pegasi (Discovery by M.Mayor & D.Queloz)

70 Virginis (Discovered Here)

47 Ursae Majoris (Discovered Here)

55 Rho1 Cnc = HR3522 (Discovered Here)

HD114762 (Discovery by D. Latham et al.)

HR5185 (Discovered Here)

HR458 (Discovered Here)

16 Cyg B (Discovered Here and with W.Cochran & A. Hatzes)

Rho CrB (Discovered by Noyes, Jha,Korzennik, Krockenberger, Nisenson, Brown, Kennelly, Horner)

Gliese 876 (Discovered Here)

14 Her (Discovery by Queloz, Udry, Mayor et al.)

HD 187123 (Discovery by Butler, Marcy, Vogt, Apps)

HD 210277 & HD168443 (Discovery by Marcy, Butler, Vogt, Fischer, Liu)

HD 195019 (Discovery Here)

HD 217107 (Discovery Here)

Gliese 86 (Discovery by Mayor, Queloz, Udry, et al.)


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