Data on HD114762

(HD114762, F9V)
(2000 Coordinates: RA= 13 12 19.7, Dec= +17 31 00)

These are our radial velocities for HD 114762 (F9V) from Lick Observatory. The data points are shown with the Keplerian orbital fit (solid line) over-plotted.

This star was found to have a companion by David Latham et al. in 1989. This star has been well studied and several researchers have argued that the companion was either a high mass brown dwarf or a low mass star. However, in light of the discovery of the companion to 70 Vir , a reinterpretation is called for. 70 Vir also exhibits a low-mass companion (Msini = 6.7 Mjup) in an eccentric orbit. We have reconsidered the possibility that the companion to HD114762 may have a very low mass, between 10 and 20 Mjup.

This data taken for a masters thesis by Eric Williams at San Francisco State University.

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