Data on HR458

(HR458, F8V)
(2000 Coordinates: RA= 01 36 47.8, Dec= +41 24 20)

Phased Doppler velocity measurements for HR 458 (=Upsilon Andromedae). The orbital period is 4.61 days, and the amplitude is 74 m/s. These observations span 1.3 years, or a total of 100 orbits. The orbital distance (semi-major axis) of the planet is 0.05 AU (1 AU = 1 Earth-Sun distance). Thus the planet orbits only 10 stellar radii from the primary star. The inferred M sin i of the planet is 0.6 Jupiter masses. This system is similar to the planets that have been found orbiting 51 Pegasi, 55 Cancri, and Tau Bootes. Like the previous cases, the orbit is circular.

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