Astronomy 490 Homework #9 Spring 2007



Please note: this HW was originally distributed as HW8, but later replaced by a 2nd assignment related to the topic of the accelerating Universe.


Due date: Monday, April 23 at start of class.

Please make a copy of your assignment to refer to during the class discussion.



Journal paper: Taylor 2006, Comparative Planetary Climatology,

Surveys in Geophysics, 27, 149



1. Read the paper carefully, more than once. Write down your questions and

comments on each section of the paper. Include at least two questions per section.



2. For section 3, A Definition of Climate, and for one other section that you picked or

were assigned in class (see below), use whatever resources you have at your disposal

(web, books, ) to find answers to as many of your questions as you can. Include

these answers in what you turn in.


In class, you will choose (or be assigned) one of the following sections to pay

particular attention to:

4. Models of terrestrial climate change

5. Climate change on Venus

6. Climate change on Mars

7. Climate change on Titan



Reminder: A 1-2 page proposal for your final project was due on Monday 4/16. If you have not yet completed this assignment, please do so by the end of this week (Friday 4/22). Before doing so, you must have received approval for the general topic from the instructor (by email is okay). Remember to attach a list of 3 to 5 possible papers that you plan to focus on. You need not read the papers in detail yet, but you will need to read enough of them (e.g., abstract, introduction, conclusion) to know if they contain the kind of information you want and need for your project. Remember that topics should be chosen in such a way that what you have learned in previous courses to enables you to read the papers critically.


Note that there will still be room after this proposal is submitted to change your

selection of papers somewhat and/or modify your topic slightly if need be, in

consultation with the instructor.