Astronomy 490                                  Homework #2                                        Spring 2007



Due date:   Monday, Feb 12  at start of class. 

Please make a copy of your assignment to refer to during the class discussion.



Journal paper:  

   Remillard, McClintock, & Bailyn 1992,

   Evidence for a Black Hole in the X-RayBinary Nova Muscae 1991,

   Astrophysical Journal Letters, 399, L145




1.  Read the Remillard paper carefully, more than once.  Record your questions and

     comments and include them with the rest of your HW assignment.  Try to include at

     least 2 questions and/or comments per section.



2.  Analyze the abstract of this paper in two ways:


     (i)   For each individual sentence of the abstract, determine

           (a)  Which section of the paper is it summarizing?

           (b)  Is the statement(s) in the sentence quantitative or qualitative?

           (c)  How well does the single sentence (or clause) summarize the corresponding

                    section of the article?


      (ii)  For each section of the paper, consider what parts are and are not summarized in

            the abstract.  Make note of any sections or paragraphs within sections that do not

            get any representation within the abstract.  Does their absence seem justified?