Astronomy 490 -- Student Questionnaire


Please print clearly.


Name:                                                                                     Major:


Email:                                                                                     Phone:


Junior / Senior / Grad / Other  [explain]  (circle one)      


Years at SFSU:                                 Planned date of graduation (appx):



SFSU astronomy courses taken, if any (circle all that apply, list any others): 


              115,  116,  320,  321,  350,  410,  420, 470



Any other astronomy courses taken?    What/when/where?





Physics courses taken in past year?    Where?





Highest level math course taken?   Where?



Have you used powerpoint (or equivalent) for presentations?  Describe your experience and level of proficiency.  If not with powerpoint, describe software used.




Do you have ready access to a computer with powerpoint on it other than department computers?



What do you hope to do with your knowledge of astronomy after graduation?





What questions or concerns do you have about taking this course?

Student Preferences: 


1.  Please rank the suggested topics by level of interest, from highest to lowest.

     Consult the back of the “Course Information” handout for possible topics for this

     semester.   Please list topics by name (first 2-3 words on handout), not by number.


      highest:    1. 












2.  Are there any other topics that you would have liked to see included this semester?  

     List and/or describe it/them.