Homework Assignment #4, Astronomy 115

Due Tuesday, Nov. 7

Please do your homework on a separate page and do not turn in this homework assignment sheet. Also, Please staple multiple pages.

    Chapter 11

  1. Chapter 11, Question 14

    Does the star Betelgeuse, whose apparent magnitude is m = +0.5, look brighter or dimmer to us than the star Pollux, whose apparent magnitude is m = +1.1 ?

  2. Chapter 11, Question 20

    Draw an H-R diagramand sketch the regions occupied by main-sequence stars, giants, supergiants, and white dwarfs. Briefly discuss the different ways you could have labeled the axes in your graph.

  3. Chapter 11, Question 22

    How can observations of a visual binary lead to information about the masses of its stars?

  4. Chapter 11, Question 50:

    If as star is a red giant, how does its surface temperature compare to that of the Sun?

    Chapter 12

  5. Chapter 12, Review Question 11

    How is the evolution of a main-sequence stars with less than 0.4 MSUN different from that of a main-sequence star with more than that mass?

  6. Chapter 12, Review Question 13

    What does it mean when an astronomer says that a star "moves" from one place to another on an H-R diagram?

  7. Chapter 12, What if... Question 34

    Chapter 13

  8. A.) What is the Chandrasekhar Limit?
    B.) Describe how the Chandrasekhar Limit could be exceeded and what would occur.

  9. Chapter 13, What if... Question 37

    What if the Sun were expanding into a red giant today? How might we cope with that change?

  10. What is Pulsar? How is a pulsar similar to a lighthouse?