Homework Assignment #3, Astronomy 115

Due Tuesday March 6

Please do your homework on a separate page and do not turn in this homework assignment sheet. Also, Please staple multiple pages.

    Chapter 4

  1. Chapter 4, Review Question 2

  2. Chapter 4, Review Question 9

  3. Chapter 4, Advanced Question 18

  4. Chapter 4, Advanced Question 20

    Chapter 10

  5. Chapter 10, Review Question 2

  6. Chapter 10, Review Question 13

  7. A textbook weighs about 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lbs).
    A.) How many Joules of energy would be released if the entire book turned into pure energy?

    B.) Compare this to the energy used by the entire city of San Francisco in one year: roughly 7.5 x 1016 Joules. If you could turn Mass into Energy, could you power The City for a year using one book?

  8. In 1961, a hydogen fusion bomb (called Tsar Bomba) was built and detonated in Russia with an explosive power of 57 million tons of TNT, the largest human made explosion. The energy released was 240 x 1015 Joules, (more than the energy of all other normal bombs combined). How much matter was converted into energy when this bomb exploded?

    Chapter 11

  9. What is stellar parallax, and how do astronomers us it?

  10. The closest star to our solar system is Proxima Centauri at a distance of 1.3 parsecs .
    A.) How long does it take light from Proxima to reach the Earth?
    B.) By what angle, (in arc seconds) does Proxima appear to move, with respect to the background stars, as Earth orbits the Sun?