Curriculum Vitae

Name: John Robert Burke Address: 456 McAuley St., Oakland, CA, 94609

Education: Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Harvard University, 1971 M.A. in Astrophysics, Harvard University, 1966 B.S. in Astronomy, California Institute of Technology, 1964

Employment: 1972 - present, San Francisco State University, professor of Physics 1971- 1972, California State University, Hayward, lecturer in Physics

Memberships: American Astronomical Society American Institute of Physics Astronomical Society of the Pacific American Association of Physics Teachers

Publications: Lea, Susan M. and John Robert Burke, Physics: The Nature of Things (Brooks-Cole, Pacific Grove, CA, 1977)

John Robert Burke and Frank M. Strode, Classroom Exercises with the Terrill Effect, 1991, A.J.P., 59, 912-914.

Susan M. Lea and John R. Burke, Integration in Physics, presented at American Association of Physics Teachers Meeting, San Francisco, 1986.

M. Lampton and J.R. Burke, Time Reversal and Reciprocity, 1984, Acustica, 56, 23-28.

John R. Burke and D. J. Hollenbach, The Gas Grain Interaction in the Interstellar Medium:Thermal Accommodation and Trapping, 1983, Ap.J.,265, 223-234.

__________________________, An Extended Soft Cube Model for the Thermal Accommodation of Gas Atoms on Solid Surfaces, NASA Technical Memorandum 81163, Jan., 1980.

D.J. Hollenbach and J.R. Burke, The Gas-Grain Interaction, presented at American Astronomical Society meeting, Mexico City, January, 1979.

John Robert Burke and Joseph Silk, The Dynamical Interaction of a Newly-Formed Protostar With Infalling Matter: The Origin of Interstellar Grains, 1976, Ap.J., 210, 341.

_______________________________, Dust Grains in a Hot Gas I: Basic Physics, 1974, Ap.J., 190, 1.

Joseph Silk and John Robert Burke. Dust Grains in a Hot Gas II: Astrophysical Implications, 1974, Ap.J., 190, 11.

John Robert Burke, Letter on the Clock Paradox, Physics Today, June, 1972.

Patricia Burke and John R. Burke, Federal Research and Development Funding: The Grants Component and its Distribution, in Kenntth Boulding and Martin Pfaff (eds.) Redistribution to the Rich and the Poor: The Role of the Grants Economy in Income Distribution, Belmont, California, Wadsworth, 1972.

John Robert Burke, On Gravitational Instability in Friedmann Cosmologies, Thesis, Harvard University, 1971, available from University Microfilm Services.

_________________, and David Layzer, On the Acceleration of Ultrarelativistic Electrons and Nuclei in Nonthermal Radio Sources, 1969, Ap.J., 157, 1169. STATEMENT

The major focus of my creative professional activities during the last five years has been collaboration with Professor Susan Lea on our recently published textbook: Physics: The Nature of Things. Work on the text arose from a career long committment to learning how to present a professional track physics course to typical students, most of whom are taking physics as a support course for their major. With the text in hand, I am now continuing that committment by experimenting with new techniques of classroom teaching and new methods of laboratory instruction. My research activities have recently been confined to collaboration with students on small theoretical and pedagogical problems. I expect to resurrect my research program in astrophysics in coming years.

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