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P.B. Smit, R. Bland, T.T. Janssen, and B. Laughlin

J. Geog. Res.: Oceans 121, 3409-3421 | DOI: 10.1002/2016JC011705 (pdf) (JGR)

Frequency synchronization of blue whale calls near Pioneer Seamount

Research Projects
Underwater Acoustics Suspended Sediment Delta Discharge (password required) Boat Wakes Neutrino Physics X-Ray Detectors software archive
velocity profiles modeling with si3d temperature gradients Pioneer Seamount Equipment Daily Log Book Data
Portal Images RTC sound
Papers, Posters and Presentations
Multi-path Interference, Seattle, 1998
Measuring Net Discharge, Rome, 1998
Tunnel Junctions, LTD-5, Berkeley, 1990

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