Roger Bland's Log for November 1, 2001
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NPS Webb Sources
V11121 km12m27s 4:00,16:00
SS1344 km3m49s 4:30,16:30
SS2767 km8m38s 5:00,17:00
SS3367 km4m5s 5:30,17:30
I plotted out some FFT's for all of the observations of Webb sources that I have made since the PSM installation, using data downloaded from the real-time web site. The data were downloaded as .mp3 files, then converted to .snd files (raw data) using Goldwave. The .snd files were read in using IDL with and displayed with
SS1 from 12741635.snd, October 1, 2001: fft and f vst plot
SS1 from 12831634.snd, October 10, 2001: fft
V1 from 12891611.snd, October 15, 2001: fft and f vst plot
SS3 from 13040533.snd, October 30, 2001: fft and f vst plot