Thermistor String Manual and Specs
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Instructions for using the thermistor string and LabView program
The program is under the directory \d4\Darmat\project\tib\yassar10 (for program yassar version 1.0). It consists of two LabView vi's:

On the PC's local hard disk these would be under c:\project\tib\yassar10 .
To start things up, first have the Hewlett-Packard 34401A multimeter connected to the GPIB card, GPIB address = 22. The National Data-Acquisition interface should be in place. The eight digital I/O lines should be wired to the appropriate place on the Global S-ecialties Proto-Board which has the multiplexing circuit. The multiplexed channel voltage goes from a BNC on the protoboard to the multimeter.
The wires to the thermistors should be connected to the DB-25 connector on the protoboard, and thence to the inputs of the multiplexer.
The National Instruments programs are in the directory C:\Program Files\National Instruments. Double-clicking on opens LabView and loads the program, ready to run. First, however, open and set the parameters: Now the vi can be started and it will run.
When the run is over, the data will be in c:\project\naut\tib\test.dat. This file must be renamed. For instance, the first file taken on October 3, 2001 should be named thm11003.000, the next thm11003.001, etc. They should be stored in c:\data\thermist\0110\03 , or if the unix file system is available, in the analogous place on \d4\Darmat\ .
The software to read the file and graph the results is on /d4/Darmat/project/naut/0109/string/. The program to read in data is, an IDL program. It must be edited to put in the correct data file.