Figure Interp2. Comparison of single-sample current velocity measurements with interpolated averaged velocity measurements, from data taken at 3-Mile Slough by the ORE 7300 UVM. The upper plot shows single measurements and interpolated average velocities; the differences are two small to see on this scale. The middle plot shows the difference between four-point and two-point interpolation. The difference is not great. The lower plot shows the "error" in the single-sample current velocity with respect to the interpolated average velocity. The dashed line shows the value of this difference which would correspond to a timing error of one cycle for one of the times which determine the single-sample velocity. Frequent "cycle-jumping" would show up as clustering of points near these lines. There is no evident clustering of this type. However, the spread of the points about zero, which may represent the random measurement error, is large enough to make infrequent cycle-jumping hard to detect.