[Note: this is an internal working document of a USGS-SFSU collaboration. Data, analysis and results herin should not be considered as final or accurate. Final results will be presented in print.]

Average velocities, UVM path versus edge. The average velocities are calculated from the TMS3 calibration data. The edge region is the region which is not measured by the ADCP calibration, about 30 feet wide; the velocity in this region is estimated from the two velocity bins nearest the edge. The UVM region is determined by the distances of the transducer pilings from shore, the height of the UVM measuring path, and the Landau radius. Note that the edge velocity "turns" (passes through zero velocity) about 20 minutes before the velocity in the center. It is this effect, generally attributed to the larger inertia of the faster central stream, which we are trying to model quantitatively. (Plot done with Matlab script p91029a.m.)