Time Line (Notes from Log, Summary Files and Backup Tapes) for 1996 Data
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	Event at Slough				Run Numbers     Summary File    Backup Tape
11-3-96  Set up to measure attenuation.
   Ch A = transducer drive, Ch B =
   received signal, N to S.
						61103.004-036	dws61103.035	tar70208
11-5-96  Check data on way to Sacramento.
						61105.001-123?)	dws61105.115	tar70208
						Runs 116-125?
11-12-96  The USGS is installing equipment 
   - 3 ADCP's, 2 S4 current meters.
						61112.001-119	dws61112.116	tar70208
						Runs 117-119 during tests
11-19-96  At the Slough to pick up data.
   The ADCP is apparently still installed,
   from the end of the pier.
11-19-96  Back at the lab:  I verified that 
   the time we record is correct.
						61119.001-119	dws61119.108	tar70208
						Runs 109-119?
11-26-96  At the Slough to observe the USGS
   retrieve their instruments.  The computer
   was hung up because the m-sequence
   generator had been un-plugged, and didn't
   restart properly.  I restarted the m-
   sequence generator, THEN stopped that
   data during run 119.
						61126.001-.112	dws61126.112	tar71124
						61202.000-.162	dws61202.162	tar71124
12-11-96  Installed a cable from the pier
   to the near piling.  Data-taking
   continued uninterrupted.
12-12-96  Connected the cable installed the
   day before.
						61212.002-.171	dws61212.171	tar70208
						61222.000-162	dws61222.162	tar70208
						70101.000-027	dws70101.027	tar70208
						70102.000-190	dws70102.156	tar70208
START OF 1997				cur files	dws file	tar file(s)
1-16-97  At Slough to collect data.  The
   near pier is GONE.  Disk full.  Bring
   apparatus back to SFSU.

6-13-79  Install a new preamp at 3-Mile
6-14-97  Put on connectors, test preamps;
   V-sig/V/drive - 1:10,000; Start taking
   data after 5 months off the air.
						70614.005-102	dws70614.102	tar70813.dir
6-20-97  Collect data; take computer to
   SFSU for repairs
						70622.007-034	tests		tar70813.dir
6-24-97  Computer repaired; data bad?
   500-event runs!  R058-977 deleted.		70624.023-977			tar70813.dir
6-27-97  Turn system off.
7-5-97  FOUND ERROR IN PINK (data acqui-
   sition program); currrent values have
   been wrong since waveform averaging
   was introduced (Aug 1996?)
7-9-97  Start taking data.
						70709.016-231	dws70709.231	tar70813.dir
7-22-97  Collect data; leave on backpacking
   Need to restore cws files.			70722.000-192	dws70722.021	tar70912.dir
						70802.000-034   dws70802.034	tar70912.dir
						70804.000-140	dws70804.140	tar70912.dir
   8-13-97 7:47, run 141: hard disk is full.
8-15-97  Collect data; change video card.
						70815.005-081	dws70815.081	tar70912.dir
   No signal!					70821.000-371			tar70912.dir
   8-16-97 14:18 Run 15:  signals fall to
   zero.  Piling destroyed?  Noise from here on.
   9-8097 9:25, run 372: hard disk is full.
9-12-97  Computer stopped, breadboard power
   supply out.  Take computer back to SFSU.
9-20-97  Discovered that cables 3 and 4 are
   broken.  Leave 13:00, pilings intact.
   9-24-97 Mike Simpson found the far piling
9-27-97  Take apparatus back to SFSU.