M96 (NGC3368) - Supernova 1998bu

The following images were all edited using saotng. They were all taken on Thursday, May 21st, 1998. Click on an image for a larger picture.

The following two were taken with 900 second exposure. The telescope moved during this exposure, causing the slightly blurred image (windy night). Even after de-biasing and flat-fielding the image, there was a very noticable gradient that was probably caused by some sort of light pollution.
I compared the flat-field image (non-normalized) with the original image and found that the gradient distributions do not compare. On the flat, there are lower values on the right half of the image. The frames taken with the CCD however, have much higher counts (apx. 200) on the right side. It may have helped to have taken a flat earlier that day. However, "streaks" on the image, found both in the flat and the CCD pictures were eliminated by flat-fielding the image.

This image was also taken the same night. I conveniently forgot how long this exposure was, though it must have been around 600s or so. (I'm sometimes forgetful like that)

Take a close-up look of M96 - NGC3368 taken before the supernova occured.

Some information on M96 - NGC3368:
Right Ascension: 10 : 46.8 (hours : minutes)
Declination: +11 : 49 (degrees : minutes)
Distance: 38000 (* 1,000 light years)
Apparent Magnitude: 9.2
Apparent Diameter: 7.1 (arc minutes)