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Web Page Without (much) Pain
Here's how to start yourself a new web page from scratch, on the P&A Department system.

Preliminary Stuff

  • Get logged onto quark, or onto a Linux machine in Th 123.
  • Do you have a web directory? Type:
    	ls ~/public_html
  • If nothing's there, then create the special directory:
    	mkdir ~/public_html
    This is the directory where the system will look for your home page.

Make A Web Page

  • Change your current directory to your special web directory as follows:
    	cd ~/public_html
  • Do a listing - you should see no files (or you may already have a default home page):
    	ls -al
  • Now edit your home-page file, like this:
    	pico Welcome.html
    Pico is a simple text editor.
  • If there's nothing in the file yet, edit in the following minimal stuff:
    <title>Home page for Ms. Dingus D. Dorfus</title>
    This is my home page!

That's enough! Now open Netscape and look at it! The web address (URL) for your home web page is the department website, a slash (/), then a tilde ( ˜ ) and your login name. If your login name is ddorfus, the URL for your home web page is:

Now you'll want to go back to the tutorial index page and click on HTML so you can learn how to make your web page pretty!

Being Cool...

Now that you know how to post a web site that is visible to the entire world, including toddlers and Homeland Security, need I mention the need for discretion in what you post?

'nuff said?