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Introduction to the Unix Operating System

The world of the Unix operating system is too large to fully describe here. But you may find here a few simple things to try to get you started. Log on to the system, and try some of them.


When you get a P&andA Department computer account, you get an email account. Your email address is (if you are Dennis Rodman). You can read your mail in a number of ways: while logged onto one of the Unix workstations; from a PC program like Eudora; or even (I believe) from Netscape. Most Unix nerds use elm to read their mail, like this:
	stars:drodman% elm

Some Simple Commands

Unix commands are not very intuitive. Try to get help on the system, by typing in something reasonable. Give up? The command is man, followed by the name of what you want help on. Good luck! Here are a few commands for you to try. (Don't type the comment that follows.)
   ls               lists files and sub-directories
   ls -al           long, more complete listing
   man ls           manual page (= help) for the command ls
   who              shows who is loged on
Click here for a longer list of shell commands.