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Printing to P&A Printers in TH 123

This is a compilation of advice on how to sent print jobs to the printers in TH 123. It mainly concerns people using the systems in TH123. However, it is also possible to send print jobs to these printers from other workstations in the Department.

Department Printers in TH 123
Printer UNIX Command MS-Windows Name Compatible MS Driver
HP LaserJet 4000 TN
lpr -Php1 <filename>
lpr -Php_dx <filename>
HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL 6 (Works)
(HP LaserJet 4000 Series PS, Doesn't work)
Samsung Monochrome Laser ML-1651N lpr -Php1 <filename> \\th123-13\ss1_1
Apple Laserwriter - \\th123-24\applelas (Not Applicable)

Printer setup under Windows NT 4.0, 2000 or XP:

The main laser printer can be set up as \\TH123-13\hp1_1 . The Samsung printer can be set up as \\TH123-13\ss1_1 . This means that the Linux machine TH123-13 in TH 123 is the server for these printers.

Procedure for setting up to print to this printer:

  • Click on Start - Settings - Printers - Add Printer
  • Choose Netwowrk printer server - Next
  • In the box for Printer enter \\th123-13\hp1_1
  • Now you are likely to have to supply a printer driver. It may be on your computer, or it may be on your system distribution CD ROM, or you can go to the HP web site and download the driver. As noted above in the table, the driver for HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL 6 has turned out to work for our main printer in TH 123. This could change with future system upgrades...

The remaining Windows machines in TH 123 can print to some of the printers.

Printing from Linux machines in TH 123

  • Some applications, such as your web browser, can be specifically configured with a print command similar to the following, which prints a file from the Unix command line:
    	lpq [-P <printer> ] filename ...
    ...where printer is one of hp1, hp_dx, ss1, and defaults to hp1 if no -P argument is given. The printer for hp_dx is the same printer as for hp1, except that it prints in duplex mode (on both sides of the paper).
  • To cancel a print job, use the command "lprm", e.g. "lprm 3827". (A job can be cancelled only by its owner.)
  • To view the list of currently queued jobs, use "lpq [-P printername ]". Jobs queued from MS-Windows machines will be included.
  • To print on recycled paper, the blank side should be down [on the HP Laserjet].

Printing from Macintosh.

Here's an illustrated testimonial to configuring a Macintosh OS/X to print to hp_1 in TH123.