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Computer Graphics in the Physics and Astronomy Department Computing Environment

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Exporting Graphics

Running Graphical Applications From Your Home Computer

  • Graphics in Tektroniks 4010 mode using PCPLOT.
  • X-terminal emulation using XWIN32

I. X-terminal Emulation on MS-Windows, using XWIN32

Many of the Department MS-Windows PC's have XWIN32 installed. This software package provides an X-Windows interface to a remote Unix computer, like TELNET but extended to graphics. The X-Windows protocol is the graphics interface standard used by applications running on Unix, and is supported by IDL, MatLab, Mathematica, and Netscape. This means that you can execute these programs remotely on the Unix machine, and they will open XWIN32 graphics windows in your MS-Windows display and draw to them.

There is an environmental variable which must be set correctly for the graphics to work. (See Remote Graphics Configuration.) To set it, execute the following Unix command:

	hodge:madonna% setenv DISPLAY
In addition, to use Mathematica, you may need to add its directory to your search path:
	hodge:madonna% set path = ( /usr/openwin/bin/xview $path )
Now you should be able to execute the following graphics-based programs successfully:
	hodge:madonna% netscape
	hodge:madonna% idl
	hodge:madonna% mathematica